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Ocean City Fall Vacation 2013 Part 3

Some shots from Day Three in Ocean City.

 The view from our hotel room.....oceanfront baby!

 The dive bar/pub next door......we always stay at this hotel but we have yet to go to that bar.
What kind of self-respecting drunks are we anyway??

One of the two outdoor pools at our hotel.  This was the first year we've stayed here in October when the pool(s) wasn't/weren't drained yet of water.  They close down the outdoor pools after Labor Day and by the time we arrive each October they are drained.

Of course after our first night here which coincided with the last night that the outdoor pool bar was open happened, there were pool chairs IN that pool(people unknown had thrown them in from OUTSIDE the locked pool fence/gate.
Now I know why the pool is always drained when we go....lolz

Tuesday morning we went on a field trip.....

I must confess we had never been here before 2013(nor had my family ever been here even though I grew up not even 150 miles away from this location).

I wondered aloud if we would even get a glimpse of one of the wild ponies that live on this island as it was an overcast day.  The fact that is was past tourist season let me get my hopes up(I believe that the ponies having lived through tourist people season so long would be more likely to venture out when they had all left for the year.)

After we went over the bridge which brings you to Assateague Island we spotted this........

If you look at the left of the photo(right under the big splat of bird poop on the windshield)you'll notice a PONY!
I got my wish even before hitting the beach!

This particular pony proceeded to walk out onto the roadway and just stand there, blocking our car.

and he stood some more......

Finally he moved onto the median so we got to the parking lot......

Here's a handpainted sign warning people not to feed the ponies and to keep your distance as they are wild animals.......

Poor Hubs wheeled me up the wooden walkway as far as it went then he dragged the wheelchair into the sand dune walkway to the beach.

The leg was feeling better by this day so I gingerly walked(in sand!)down to the shoreline and took some photos.....

The hard part was walking back up the sand dune to the wooden walkway so I could wheel back to the car in the chair.
That part about wore me out for the day.

Then we drove around the island loop road.....

 While I took multiple photos of horse crap....

 No ponies, just their crap everywhere on the pathways, the road and the parking lots.

Another sign telling you not to touch, approach or feed the wildlife.

 A marshy area on the bay side of the island....

 No ponies sighted there but we did see a fawn in the brush nearby.......

And on the way out a different wild pony next to the intersection of the roadways.

He moved over to a grassy area and I shot a short video of him grazing HERE.

A bad still photo of the pony I filmed....Hubs decided to move the car and I missed the pony's head. lolz

After leaving Assateague Island, we went for lunch to a restaurant we had been to a few years before called "Waterman's Seafood".  This place has been in West Ocean City for ages.  When we went years before it was an old dumpy dark wood building of a crab shack.  Inside was dark, dirty and depressing and the wait staff was surly on a good day.

Turns out that between the time we were in OC in 2012 and 2013 the place burned down.  The owners had just finished having the joint rebuilt and had just reopened for the year the week we were in OC in 2013.

Needless to say that place was transformed inside, at least physically!

Brightness and color everywhere.

The one problem was that it seemed like all the staff was new and there was NOT ENOUGH staff!  We waited forever to get seated and there were 2 waitresses for a whole dining room of diners and one of the waitresses was clueless and slow.

 Just getting menus in our hands was an ordeal!  Here is Hubs looking not so happy with his menu.

So I made him smile and pretend he was having a good time! lol

The food was good however(if a bit pricey but hey! we are on vacation, right?).  Broiled seafood-scallops, shrimp and deviled crab with a side of slaw and remoulade before.....

And after.  I was starved by the time I got my plate and wolfed it down...burp!

After I almost crashed the wheelchair trying to wheel down the ramp to the parking lot at Waterman's(I wish I had had gloves on because I got a nasty burn on my palms trying to stop the chair!)we got in the car and started driving back to OC(we were in West Ocean City at this point).
We passed near Burley Oak Brewing and decided to finally go in for a drink or two.  I had found this place online the October before in 2012 but we never made it over there.

Well, Hubs was so glad we went to this place.

 It's a very small craft brewery with a tap room with a nice variety of brews at very reasonable prices.

Forget those flashy brewpubs in OC, this is where locals hang out away from the tourists.

They even brew a root beer too.  THAT is in my wheelhouse!
I love a good brewed root beer and I ended up buying a growler fill of it.  Yum!!

If you like a good brew and ever get to Ocean City, Burley Oak is a MUST STOP!

We headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading out for dinner.  We had a bit of a ride to get to Bridgeville for dinner but it was so worth the drive.

Because I got to see Tanner again!
Tanner blogs over at Working For A Goal.  Everybody now go and bug Tanner for me because she hasn't blogged since Nov. 2014.  Tell her I said to get her butt back because I miss her!


Yes we had dinner on Wednesday with blogging buddy Tanner.  Here she is trying to keep me from taking her photo while she chews your meal.

And just look at this HUGE Fish Sandwich I got served.  (Humongous fish sandwiches are a family joke. ;-) )
I had to take half that thing back to the hotel!

The big dessert kiosk we left tongue prints on......ok, not really, we behaved!  But we should have as everything looked so good.....

And a posed shot together before we hugged goodbye and each went our separate ways.

We made our way back to the OC to get some rest before staring our last day of vacation.

One more part left on this trip to Ocean City coming up soon.




  1. We did the same exact things you did (except no brewery and no Tanner), and it was in October, 2013 (isn't that weird? Said as in "Goldmember.") You may have mentioned which hotel, and I think it is not the same one, but it sure does look similar. We like the Comfort Inn, at 5th street, I think (between Kite Loft and Hooters.) We like to get the poolside, first floor. Hey, if you're going to pay a lot, might as well pay more and look at something other than the parking lot.

    1. We stay at the Quality Inn on 16th St.....still on the boardwalk but not in the middle of the craziness....but then again by Oct. the craziness has
      We always wait until the rates drops mid Oct.....oceanfront for less than $100 a night with a full kitchen? Oh yeah!

  2. Okay the bird poop made the horse look like he had wings. Your leg looks sore. Your husband is color blind or you helped him pick out his clothes.This post made me hungry. I would have licked the dessert kiosk. Heck I would have skipped the sandwich and just had 2 desserts. Tanner is beautiful. I like the top you have on in the picture you took with her. Did you make it?

    1. Hubs picks out his own clothing, I just don't even look and hold my tongue anymore. lol

      I love that Tanner gal too. The top was from Walmart about 8 years ago. Me sew? You have GOT to be kidding. hehehe

  3. I haven't seen a big dessert kiosk like that in a long time. I remember seeing those in the Greek diners in NY. We went to OC MD once. I thought it was super commercial and didn't really want to go back. We stayed in a condo a few blocks away from the beach. I'm sure if we had an ocean view we would have liked it much better. I love the way that restaurant is decorated. So bright and beachy.

    1. The secret to OC MD is to go AFTER the tourists leave. It's still very commercial but you just go to the beach, which is desserted by then. After mid Oct. we pay less than $100 night for oceanfront with a pull out sofa/king bed and full kitchen. Can't beat that deal with a stick!

      Unfortunately for that restaurant the nice décor didn't help much. The place is still understaffed in the off season and we ended up walking out on our 2014 visit. So sorry as it has potential....

  4. I love Burley Oaks! Randy H. and I discovered it on the way to the last Bloggerpalooza! Over the top good beer! And they even had a hoodie that fit me, so I got souvenirs, too.

    We had lunch at a place on the harbor, can't remember its name, but the seafood was good and they had even more local beers. We almost didn't make it to the party!

    Peace <3


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