Monday, June 15, 2015

June Financial Stuff

It's the middle of June did THAT happen?
Didn't I just get back from Louisiana?, it's been 2 WEEKS now.

June Income Update--

It's the 15th and I've paid all the bills that have come in this month so, internet, water, gas card, c/c.
That would just leave the long distance charge on the landline and the electric bill.

Hubs will continue to withdrawal cash for his personal spending this month.

4 days until the electric bill cuts and we are on track to owe $130 figuring our average usage per day so far. 

I had hoped for a lower than last month's electricity usage but College Boy is home and there a bit of unnecessary dryer usage now.
*ahem ahem*
I yell, cajole, demand, plead but nothing helps me get to this kid.  The only way I am going to get him to stop is to disconnect the dryer.

He is also an energy hog about the a/c.  We have a window unit for his room but I hold off putting it in the window as long as I can since he only knows one setting, HIGH.  I have honest to goodness walked into that room sometimes and left with an icicle forming on the tip of my nose.
He also leaves the a/c on when he goes to work or out for the night.  Shut the blasted thing off when you aren't in there for extended periods of time how about it!?!?!

The long distance is always about $7.50 per month so that's easily penciled into the spending chart.

We have one non-regular bills this month due to replacing the exhaust system in the CB's car.

Savings Challenge--

Between that(and possibly another repair on Hubs new car this month-it's in the shop as I type)and a high c/c bill from our trip, the potential leftovers from this month's income that can go into my Savings Challenge for June aren't looking like much.

Looking at the last 2 year's of bills...June 2014 savings was over $2K but June 2013 was barely $800.  It's probably going to be a lot closer to that $800 year for June 2015.
Hey, as long as we don't go into the hole for June I am ok with it.  8-)

Medical Spending Update--

I just paid off the last of the medical bills before the high deductible kicked in for 2015 with the HSA funds.  We've got almost $1K left in there with still more cataract charges/surgery, a semi-annual OV, blood work for said OV, and possible charges/co-pays incurred for Hubs medical problem. 
Hopefully, once the other eye is done and Hubs problem is looked into, we are good to go with just normal rx refills for the rest of the year(plus 1 more semi-annual check-up for me)and can build a bit of a cushion in the HSA to help cover the high deductible charges that begin again Jan.2016.
We've got about $2,600 left to put into the HSA account this year so I am hoping we'll have close to $2K left in there Jan. 1st.  This doesn't take into account any other illnesses/drugs/tests/etc. needed for the rest of the year however so I am not counting on the HSA being that robust by Jan. 2016.

What's Ahead for 2015--

I'll be interested to see where we stand financially at the halfway point of 2015 at the end of this month.

As for non-regular bills coming up---July is college charges(but that's put aside already in it's own account and doesn't come out of the current income), August is house insurance, September is taxes(local, municipal) and November is car insurance.
Have to make sure we keep a cushion in the checking account in September for taxes as the other 2 bills we can handle readily.

By the end of June(beginning of July) we should be hitting that spot in the yearly income when the withholding goes down(thank you progressive taxing!)and what Hubs takes home in pay increases.  In 2014 that meant an addition $433 per 2-week pay period for 13 paychecks or $5K+ more for the end of the year in take-home pay.  If I can hold the budget/spending to current levels that might mean, since we have no debt, an extra $5K+ to potentially put into the Savings Challenge.
Or maybe I'll do something wild like fly to Europe and take a Viking River Cruise with that money.

It could

While lots of stuff is up in the air, things are looking good here at Chez Sluggy with the money. 8-)))



  1. Suggestion for energy hog son: just tell him that your household electric bill is on average $130/month. Any overage? that becomes his obligation to reimburse you. : )

  2. CT,
    My suggestion is similar. I allowed a friend to stay with me for a month. Knowing how she will take advantage of friends and not wanting to charge rent, I came up with a solution. She was to pay me the amount that month compared to the previous year. THEN, I watched her steal stuff from me!

    I am with the son on the window ac--HIGH is the only setting for me. Someone once told me my bedroom was cold enough to hang meat. Until a few years ago, twenty years after that statement, I never what it meant. The rest of the house never gets even cool in the summer.

  3. Good going on staying above water or even ahead with the medical expenses. Medical expenses are making me nervous this year. We are still ahead, but DAMN!

  4. Den and I are both worried about hubs. Tell him we are thinking about him. We worry about him and his physical health and your mental health. Yup, that's about right.
    DJ is a power hog too. He has ever flipping computer and gaming system hooked up in his room and then falls asleep with them on. UGH!!!! I have his entire room on a power strip, I just walk in and shut down the power to everything. It sounds like a reactor during an emergency shut down when I shut it down.


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