Saturday, June 27, 2015

I am Done!

The two last Cheese Deal transactions at Weis.....

8 more bags or blocks of cheese..  Though I am tempted to run this deal 2 more times today I won't.

28 packages of cheese.
$56.74 of sale priced cheese for $21.74 spent OOP.
Reg. retail value of $111.12

The cheese drawer overfloweth......lolz

On the right are the older cheeses, about 8 bags/blocks and 2 cream cheese logs(plus another bag of shreds that I can't fit in there)and then all 28 of the new bags/blocks bought this week.

If anyone sees me buy Cheddar or Swiss cheese again anytime soon just stop me, ok? ;-)



  1. I'm jealous of all that cheese. LOL

  2. I am envious too. Will you freeze some of that dairy goodness?

  3. Cheese, bread, wine and call me happy. My drawers looking pretty low.

  4. And no one poops in sluggy's house. Any laxative sales?

  5. Don't you freeze the shreds? I don't think block cheese does as well after freezing, but we freeze shreds all the time. I am down to only a couple of bags in the freezer. I need to find a cheese deal!


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