Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ask the Sluggy......Answers Part 1

Here are some answers to blog readers questions from the other day.....

*  Janet, One Family and Linda all asked how did I get the nickname Sluggy.

Ok, here goes the long answer....lolz

My middle child, the Daughter, was born in Dec. 1992.

My Daughter doing her Mr. Magoo impersonation at 1 day old.

Being the middle of freaking Winter in the Poconos of PA none of my family came to visit us after she was born, due to the distance/weather.
So that Summer in June Hubs, oldest son and baby daughter and I took a trip down to show off new baby to my mother and my brothers.
My mother was living with my oldest brother, Dennis, at that time so we stayed with them.  Daughter was 6+ months old by the time we went down to visit.

But let me explain before we took that trip--Daughter began teething at 4 months.  When babies teeth their immune systems go beserk so teething babies are prone to getting colds, infections, etc. plus teething babies drool incessantly.

My daughter once she began teething did so constantly for a year or she also seemed to keep a cold that entire time too.
When babies teeth/get colds their noses run and they drool excessively.
A great combination!
If you've been around a bulldog IRL, you get the idea.  Many is the day I'd threaten to tie a drool bucket around her neck. ;-)

The Daughter was also orally fixated as a baby, meaning everything that made it to her hand, went directly into her mouth.  To experience something she had to taste it.

A normal baby activity, putting toys in the mouth and chomping down on it when teething.

 Grandma giving her a taste of cantaloupe after she kept dive-bombing the bowl sitting on the table while being held.  Later that trip Grandma gave her a pork chop bone to gnaw on.  The child wasn't even on solid foods yet.

 Trying out a new tooth on mom's nose.  I went in for a kiss and she opened her mouth and chomped down on my nose. It hurt like a sumabitch!

Nothing within reach to taste?.....go with the old standby of fingers.

 Tasting the stroller.

What's better than Cheerios?  Cheerios AND snotty fingers!

Tasting Uncle Dennis.....she is sucking on his hand.

Immediately after this shot she put her toes in her mouth....sigh

In the bath it's hard to decide between sucking on your bath toy or your washcloth.

A large number of baby photos of this child have her with something in her mouth edible or not.  These are just a few random shots from my collection.

So her hands were coated non-stop with drool and snot from the teething and she put everything in or on her mouth.
And once she started crawling she left a slimy trail behind everywhere she went.
She lived her fist year of life always wearing a bib and with an exhausted mother hovering nearby with a wad of Kleenex at the ready. lol

So after about 1 day of interacting with Daughter down in VA, my oldest brother christened her "the Slug Baby" know, because slugs leave a slimy trail behind.
And then, since I was the Slug Baby's mother I became known in the family as "Slugmama".

A few years later when I went online and joined a private forum group of collector's I used the name Slugmama.  These people started calling me Sluggy for short....I guess Slugmama was just too cumbersome. lol

So that is the story. 8-)

*  Linda also asked....."Where, how, when did you and Hubs meet and court? Did you play hard to get, just running slowly until he caught you?"

Hubs and I met at "The Rat".  The Rat was the nickname for the student bar/hang-out/café at Johns Hopkins U. located in the basement of the Student Union building there.
And every Thursday night at Hopkins was "Disco Night" in the Rat.

My college, Goucher, use to run a bus daily to Hopkins(back before Hopkins went co-ed, Goucher was the "sister" school to JHU)for social and academic reasons(living downtown, taking classes at Hopkins or Peabody, going to activities, etc.). 
I happened to go with a girlfriend to Disco Night in the Fall of my freshman year.  

Hubs asked my girlfriend to dance during Disco Night and she said no thanks. 
Hubs started to walk away.   Then my GF yelled at him and offered ME up as a dancing he reluctantly asked me to dance.

After dancing awhile we went outside to talk since it was too loud inside(disco, remember that?).
We walked and sat and talked for about an hour.
I thought he was full of himself(and he WAS!)plus he was a really bad dancer(as in painful to watch).
But we hit it off.  I gave him my number(well, it was the dorm switchboard number and my dorm room #).

When I went to leave with the GF to go back to school he tried to kiss me and I turned my head so he got a cheek.
Then I said, "Aw, how sweet." referring to a kiss on the cheek.
Hubs said I said it sarcastically so he didn't call me.

Hubs was roommates with a guy who was the then BF of a sophomore girl who lived in my dorm.
I don't remember how this happened but she either asked me or asked one of my dorm mates if I wanted Hubs to ask me out/call.
The next time she went over to Hubs/her BF's apartment she left Hubs a note....."Call Denise.  She wants it."  8-P

He called and the rest, as they say, is history..... 8-)

More answers later.




  1. You know what? I'm trying to read this while eating a chicken salad sandwich. A big, sloppy one. I've gotten pretty far into it, but I think I'm going to come back later and read the rest.

  2. I crawled behind my son, wiping up drool that flowed incessantly. Mostly, it was burped up food! It was depressing. He was my first. When he finally walked at 14 months, he quit drooling or it just ran on his clothes. Thankfully, the two girls were not such prolific droolers.

    You? Sarcastic? I don't believe that!

    Daddy gave my daughter a pork chop bone when she was four months old. She bent her whole body into sucking/chewing the side of the bone s he held it for her. .

  3. My son used to refer to his baby sister as "the poop machine. " I'm so glad I didn't get a nickname from that. Good story.

  4. What fun to read this! Thank you.

  5. That is so awesome!!! I never would have known that. But I guess you aren't coming to my place to pull weeds. Damn you.

  6. Too funny, I love the dating story.

  7. I knew how you got your name but it was fun to read about it again.

  8. I am glad to know the origin of the name, but it does take away somewhat from the mystique, and I can never get it back now. "The Sluginine Mystique."

    I did not know Johns Hopkins was ever single-gender, which dates you and dates me as younger. Naah nah nah na nah... But did you know that Loyola was also single-gender? I admit I never witnessed it, but I heard about it. But the ones who don't know that Goucher was single-gender are the ones who consider us both to be old, dusty farts. I don't think any college can specify gender anymore because people can specify their own gender and change it at will, so what would be the point? People would get expelled and re-admitted - it would be a registrar's nightmare.

    You didn't tell everyone that Rat is short for Rathskeller. Isn't it? Loyola had one, too; I guess it was a sad imitation.

  9. 444,
    Yes, there are quite a few women-only colleges.

    1. Yes, and they may get women and "women" and also "wymyn" in there.

  10. Now we know where the name comes from. I met J at Rollins, the on campus bar closed the first year I was there, closing it didn't stop underage drinking, it merely moved it off campus.

  11. Awesome post! You answered questions I hadn't thought to ask. LOL!


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