Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday Shopping

Hubs took Friday off and the weather was bitterly cold BUT SUNNY so we went out shopping after I got my blood work done.

First to Weis and then the local Shursave Market..............

FYI-The Weis $10 Cat when you spend $40 on select Kraft items is NOT a limit of 1 offer.
It it is a limit of 1 Offer PER Transaction.  So you can go back and do it again and again but only once per transaction/order.

So I got 6 more OM bacon and another $10 Catalina Q.
I also did the Sargento Cheese deal--Instantly get $3 off when you "spend" $10 on select Sargento items. (Here, it is running off the reg. shelf price not the sale price.)  So I got 3 sliced cheese packs(reg. $3.69, sale price $3), used 3 x .55/1 Qs HERE (doubled to $1 off each)and paid $3.00 for all 3 packs.

The lunchmeat is for Hubs, $1.69 after sale and $1 instant discount sticker.  The French bread was 50% in the bakery.  I also got a quart of Cabot yogurt on sale $3.99
Behind the cheese are 2 bunches of asparagus $1.88 lb this week.(One is slated for my Leek Soup, the other for broiling plain.)

I also got 4 more jugs of A&H laundry detergent at Weis for .87¢ each(not pictured)to add to the food bank donation pile.

We stopped at the Bread Outlet and got 3 loaves Arnold's fancy pants bread, spent $7. (Grocery store here charges $4.49 a loaf or more depending on the variety.)

Then we went to Ollie's because I had a 15% off anything in the store Q to use before Monday.
Here are the food items we bought.........

2 Hunt's no sale ketchup .76¢ ea.
1 minced Garlic $2.54
1 low-fat Hellman's mayo $1.69
1 large Oregano $2.11
1 Balsamic vinager $1.69
3 olive oil  $1.69 ea.
2 blueberry pie filling $2.11 ea.

2 Larabar Granola(grain-free) $1.69 ea.

Then Hubs talked me into going back to Weis that evening to get him some coffee.....Maxwell House is part of the Spend $40/Get $10 CatQ Deal.
The large cans(2 lbs!)were also on sale so it made it worthwhile

4 x 2lb. Maxwell House coffee vats on sale $7.99(reg. $9.49)
1 x smaller MH coffee not on sale $3.79
Total.....$35.75, got the $10 Catalina Q.

Over 4.5 lbs of coffee for $25.75 after the Catalina.
I don't know if this is a good or great deal because I don't know from coffee but Hubs is happy. lolz

Now I've spent about $120 this week on food(makes up for the last 2 weeks of little to no spending on food)and I've got 3 $10 off Cats to use in the next two weeks on groceries.  8-)

**Heads up for Weis and Rite-Aid shoppers starting on Sunday**

Rite-Aid has $2.00 off In-Ad coupons for Irish Spring Body Wash and it's on sale for $3.49.
Go print the $2/1 Irish Spring Body Wash Qs on coupons dotcom NOW for that sale to get free body wash(be sure to buy something else with it so you don't go negative at the register).

Weis will have Gorton's fish entrees for 50% off when you buy 3, with your shopper card.
Go print the .75¢/1 Q HERE .  If you have access to 2 printers/computers and your store doubles or doubles up to $1, print 3 and get a good deal on grilled fish.




  1. Happy Valentines Day Sluggy there are 14 boxes of chocolates in this house!

    1. Too bad I wasn't at YOUR house then! lol
      Happy Valentine's Day to you too Kim. 8-)

  2. I love that hubs was happy about coffee. The coffee drinkers in my life are thrilled to have lots of coffee on hand. I bought 30to 50 cans of coffee. Charlie had me buy him 30, I believe. Daughter and exbf got lots.

    1. I'll have a cup maybe 3 times a year.
      And this week that $10 Cat deal is on the small cans of coffee so I'll get more! My February shopping is turning into a coffee spending spree. lolz

    2. For me, make it two cups in my whole life.

  3. I am constantly intrigued at your purchases; you use all of these items, yes?

    1. Yes we do. Except what I denote as a food bank purchase(the laundry detergent this week). It may take us a long while to use it up or I give it to my kids and their SOs to use but it gets used. After this week we won't "need" to buy coffee or bacon for a long time.

    2. Coffee and bacon go quickly I reckon.

  4. We never get good cats around here. It's usually like spend $75 get $.50. I'm exaggerating but not by much.

  5. I would ask that you have a bacon giveaway, but I imagine that is really out of the question. LOL!


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