Monday, February 2, 2015

The End of Last Week's Rite-Aid Shops

2 last shops at Rite-Aid for me to round out the week ending Saturday.

On Friday I bought this............

The Jergens trial size were .54¢ moneymakers per pair so I used the overage to cover some of the Dove Men's Bodywash cost, which was $2, meaning I only "spent down" my +Ups by $1(and under $1 OOP).
I earned $12 in new +Ups leaving me $22 +Ups gong into Saturday.
.94¢ OOP and $23.74 in products brought home that trip.

Saturday I did the Big Game snack foods Deals twice.  Sorry no picture. 

I bought 2 pizzas, 3 12-packs of soda, 3 cans of Pringles, 2 cases of bottle water and 1 G2 Gatorade, which came to $30.50
I had $8.50 in Qs which brought my total to $22.00.
I used ALL my +Up Rewards and paid $0.00 OOP.
I earned $10 in new +Ups(2 x $5 Big Game Deal)and a $1 Catalina OYNO Q(earned for buying 2 pizzas, good on any product), so I have $11 in +Ups/Cats going forward.
Zero OOP and $52.29 in products brought home.

The water and Gatorade was for us, the Pringles for College Boy and I will take the soda to the local Food Bank on my next trip.  The ladies there are always looking for "treats and condiments and such" for the clients that the food bank suppliers don't give them to hand out.  I can't drink most diet sodas because they contain aspartame so I'll give these away.
Hubs and I had one of the pizzas Sunday for dinner.  I got cheese only and after I dressed it up a bit with roasted peppers and onions and black olives it was quite good.

Not much worth buying at Rite-Aid this week......another light bulb and some toothpaste for free.  I might just avoid Rite-Aid this week(well the weather might make me avoid it!lol)and spend my +Ups next week if there are things that are a deal that I actually need then.


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