Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Health Trial is Over.....Well Almost

The recent biannual check-up at my doctor's office necessitated a round of blood work and other lab tests.
It's only February but we are still working on satisfying the high deductible $4K of our insurance plan here.
After the last 2 weeks however we won't be working on that for long! 8-(

The blood work was over $300 alone.  Then I refilled a $350 prescription only to be told by said doctor 3 days later(BEFORE I used any of this refill mind you)that he was taking me off that medication.
Thanks doc!
Anybody want to buy some prescription drugs!? lolz

Once I got in for my appointment the blood work was good(excellent cholesterol levels here!)except for one item so he put me on a new even more expensive drug(with no generic equivalent yet)BUT......he gave me a card with the script and the manufacturer is going to cover the cost of it for the next year.
I "heart" this drug company!
We will worry about the cost of this one drug next year..... ;-)

I also had to go for a spirometry test(haven't been billed for that one yet), a CAT scan of my lungs(ditto on that bill)and a Mammogram.  I know the mammo will be paid 100%(it's considered preventative)but the other 2 will be billed to us at full price.  We've got the money to pay them so that's not a worry and between these, the blood work, doctor's OV charges and that $350 drug refill we should meet our yearly deductible for 2015 now.

No word yet on the breathing test(I suspect it's fine as I haven't had to use the asthma inhalers for a YEAR now!)but the CT and Mammo results already came back with negative results(negative is good).

When I had my heart scare 2 years ago this week, in all of the testing that was carried out, someone noticed a spot on one of my lungs.  Since then I have had to go in for follow-up CTs at regular intervals to make sure it isn't a sign of cancer.  The only way to know for sure what the spot was would be to open me up and visually eyeball it but they aren't going to be so invasive just for that.  As some suspected all along the spot is just a bit of scare tissue and has not grown at all in 2 years since it was noted.  My lung is now in the clear. 8-)

The mammogram came back clean  as well so I have survived to live another year.
I just have my yearly check-up with the sleep disorders doc this Summer but everything is well in "sleep apnea land".

And I am hoping that this new $$$ med along with upping the dosage of another med will take care of the 1 test result that was still out of whack.

The only item left on my medical list is eye surgery.
I have a wicked bad cataract in one eye which will be taken out mid March. 

After that heals it's on to smooth sailing.....Sluggy is taking names and kicking butt again..... and watching what she eats and exercising more.

Yeah, it's always something, ain't it?  8-))



  1. Good news! You deserve a break from all that :)

  2. Good health is priceless. Congrats on all the results!

  3. I went in for my annual "oil change" as you would put it with female parts - a most hated task and one I am so happy to have behind me. Fortunately, I was only assualted once instead of twice financially as that is covered under our basic healthcare that we buy for $144 for 3 of us per month (stepdaughter still on it until she is 18 years old). No prescriptions. I did the yucky dental crap which we do pay out of pocket for in Jan/late Feb. Now all that is left is an eye exam - which I am trying to delay for a bit as believe my eyes have changed just slightly but not enough to throw out two perfectly good pairs of glasses - they are 3 years old now - yes, I'm cheap, if it gets bad I will go. All these things rank right up there with taxes and we are mired in that right now both for our company and personal which in Canada are due at the end of April but we will be finished within two weeks - just waiting on some paper slips to come in the mail. I hate the first quarter of the year so best to get all of the most hated jobs out of the way. Glad to your health is getting better!

  4. You are on the upswing!!! You were quite the mess for a while. And I'm glad that you have a better doctor. Did the old drunk dr land in jail?

  5. See you are going to live forever. That drug company will renew your card they always do mine.

  6. Sure is good to hear! Especially the lung!

    Peace <3

  7. good news for you. I can't believe how expensive everything is. Thank goodness we live in Canada.

  8. Look at you! All getting heallthy! I am so glad.

    I am looking forward to cataract surgery myself. I have been putting it off due to Hubby's issues, but I will have to have it addressed this year, I guess. I chose higher premium insurance due to Hubby's health, so I only have a deductible of $300 and 20% after than. So the cataract surgery won't be too bad. Thank goodness for good insurance.


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