Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wild Women of Illinois

I am back in Illinois now.
Hanging out at the swanky AmericInn.
Really, this place IS swanky compared to the other motels I've stayed at on this trip!

Real foods at breakfast again today......I could get use to this.  8-)

Anyway, I am waiting on Robin and Pam to arrive and whisk me off to adventures unknown.

You may think these 2 sisters are mild mannered Midwestern Illinoians, Illinoisians, Illinoits, Illinoians......oh heck, whatever the proper term is.......

               Last August in Mendota, IL

I just hope I have enough bail money on me.
'Cuz something tells me I may need it......



  1. Have fun and if you do get into trouble you are close to Anna. I think it fitting for her to get you out of trouble!!!

  2. I hope you have bail money, too, if they are that wild!

  3. um I am way short on bail money so.... But love the bag is that one of Carla's?


  4. Iffen you need somebuddy to come and vouch for your honesty and good character well...that might be hard to do but I'd sure give it a try! Be careful, you never know what could happen to you in prison!!

  5. I didn't see any photos of you behind bars. Disappointed actually...

  6. Bail money, umm... time to break the piggy bank-- Sluggy's on the loose!

  7. I am catching up and since I didn't hear about anyone having to bail you out, I can only think you didn't have much fun.


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