Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Well THAT was Fun!

Let me just preface this by saying I love/hate technology!

The old camera has been doing it's best to convince me that it is possessed......or a menopausal woman
Take your pick.

One moment it's fine and taking good pictures again.
The next moment, it's doing the camera equivalent of projectile vomiting and spinning it's head around.....

So I trotted down to Best Buy this morning to get a new camera.

And the "learning new technology" fun began.

Picked out a new machine with the help of the BB guy, spent a bit more than I wanted to but still kept it under $200 including a new SD card, because of course, the old one I have in the old camera isn't the right size for this new camera.
Figures, right?

I get it home and start going through the manual and setting it up.
And there is no mention in the manual, either the paper one or the downloadable PDF you can download online about how to download your photos to your computer via a USB and cord.

There is only the mention of wireless downloading shots via the WIFI capability to the Cloud and/or your smartphone....neither of which I "do".

That's fine and dandy and I am sure I'll get that set up but 2 days before I plan to use this thing on a trip is NOT the time to have to use higher functioning places in my brain to figure this all out.

So I inspect the cameras nooks and crannies to see if I can find somewhere to plug a cord in.
Finally locate it and the 2 different USB cords I have don't fit.


So not wanting to go back out and find the right USB cord to buy, I set about to set up the WIFI connectivity function.

First I need to download the software from Canon's website.
Locate the website, find the software and commence downloading.
Finishes downloading.
I got to open it up and it's a ZIP file.

My computer can't open ZIP files because it didn't come with that ability/software so this means I now have to PAY Microsoft for something or other so I can unzip files. (I have been able to avoid paying for this so far in my computer adventures.)


So at that moment, I have a $200 camera that makes a lovely door stop.....except that it doesn't weigh enough to knock out a hummingbird, should one hover nearby and I were to get an itch to throw this blasted camera at him/her.

Luckily, before I took both cameras out to the fire pit, doused them with lighter fluid and set them afire, Hubs came home and, after hearing my tales of woe, brought down from his lair a spare USB cable that he had laying around up there.

And it fit the camera!!!

I took some shots and a movie and tried downloading them.

The still pictures came out fine but you can't actually SEE the video, you can just hear me on it.

Hubs went online and this seems to be a problem with this camera when using Microsoft's viewer thingy.  So if I actually want to see any movies I make I have to upload them to YouTube or download some other movie player thingy(which may or may not cost more money).


Anyway, here is a shot of the new camera, taken with the old camera....

Here is the old camera, shot taken by the new camera......

And here is some puppy porn, 1st one taken with new camera.....

And this shot take with the old camera when it was behaving.......

The new camera takes a slightly sharper image and seems to have truer colors.

I know I'll live through this mostly unscathed but darn it!, I am a creature of habit and I don't like my technology routines disrupted by a learning curve thang.



  1. I so understand. I hate to get a new camera, computer, phone, or printer. I can set them up, but it makes my head hurt. Plus, the newer version is not always better for what I want. I want my head not to hurt. Have fun. Put off the sewing and get this camera ready.

    1. got the cameras ready(yes, I'll take both)and now I am off to sew and pack.

  2. You make me laugh Sluggy. I need a new camera but I don't want that wifi feature. It seems like just one more thing that can go wrong. Now it's hard to find a camera without it though. I'm so excited that you're going on another trip. So brave that you're doing it alone. Not sure I could do that for that many miles.

    1. I am nervous about the trip, especially since I can't take the GPS(#2 Son needs it next week to get to his orientation at college)and have to rely on mapquest and the onstar thing(which I have yet to use).
      The way I am going to survive this is to just think about just the next stop along the way. If I think about driving the whole 2600+ miles by myself I sort of freak out. So I am going to Pittsburgh, then when I leave there I am going to OH, etc. It helps my peace of mind that I have a new car tho.....

      I find buying and learning a new camera daunting because the owner's manual is so flimsy and has little info. ugh

    2. Don't freak on your trip. My girlfriend has OnStar and LOVES it. She loves it so much that she actually pays for it! I have been in the car once when she used it and we thought we were lost. OnStar got us exactly where we needed to be.

  3. Oh how I loathe learning new technology! Why do things have to progress? LOL
    SO no pictures of me or the inside of my frig. Yes, I said it.

    1. Hey! I NEVER promised no pictures.....lol
      For someone who blogs you have this irrational fear of having your picture took....what's up with that? ;-)

  4. Yeah for the new camera! And thank goodness for technically savvy husbands, right? :)

    1. More like thank goodness for packrat Hubbies who never throw anything away!lol

  5. Ahhh... I LOVE cameras (I run a PT photography business) :)

  6. Gotta love new technology... I assure you it isn't as difficult as it is, if you approach it with an open mind, a lot of time, and maybe some wine. I'd gladly help if I could! (And if you need a GPS, I could always loan you mine. I promise Sam would behave~! Shoot me an email if you do)

  7. I love, love, love new tech toys! Yes, I am a nerd.

  8. are all samsungs possessed? I have a SL605 and some days it will turn on and other days I have to remove the battery, put it back in and then it will work. maybe. My computer doesnt like the card so I have to use the usb cable and sometimes my camera wont talk to my computer. Frustrating. I think I have had this camera about a year now and I know my hubby wont buy me a new one because he just bought me a new printer a few months ago


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