Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Sluggy Midwest Road Trip 2.0

Well she is at it again.
I'm going on another road trip in a few days.

Heading out to the Midwest again.
This time I am going solo.

On the itinerary are stops in western PA, northern IL, northern WI, northern and central IA and central IL.

Going to see 5-6 blogging and/or folks I otherwise met online in the last 5-17 years.
2 fellow Bloggers.
2 fellow beanie collectors(tho I don't do that anymore)
2 fellow teddy bear collectors(tho I don't do that either anymore)

And as long as I don't drive through the middle of Chicago like we did last year it should all go well.

I've got quite the To-Do List before I leave in 2 DAYS. Did I just type 2 days?? eek!

1-Pack clothes
2-Pack toiletries and sunblock
3-Pack gifties
4-Pack drinks, water, cooler
5-Go buy a new camera
6-Go to bank for $$
7-Write up all my MapQuest directions
8-Gather emergency supplies
9-Get meds in order
10-Finish my sewing project
11-Print up all contact information
12-Finish list of what to do/see on trip
13-Call cc company to ltk what states I will be using my card in
14-Gas up car
15-Fit everything into my car  LOLZ....really, my car is tiny!

I am still working on a list of "Things To Do In the Midwest" besides drive a long way on flat and boring roads. ;-)

Plus still working on nailing down the last 2 legs of the trip, hopefully BEFORE I leave here in 2 days.

This trip is over 2600 miles.
That is without getting lost or going on any excursions off my mapped out route and you know at least one of these will happen, if not both.  8-)

Ok, I gotta get going and work on all this.
No rest for the wicked as they say.......

While I am occupied, send me your ideas for things I just can't miss seeing/doing in IL, WI, MN, IA that I just have to put on this trip itinerary if I can fit them in.




  1. I cannot WAIT to see your car in person IF that is your car in the photo... I'm adding new things to our itinerary every day!! You like loud music and carousels, right?!

    1. Note to self....bring Dramamine and aspirin....lol

  2. come visit me in North Carolina sometime!

    1. I am going thru NC in the Fall on my way to LA. Email me.

  3. I am making a list of suggestions for when you come back South and if you follow a different route.

    1. Going back to LA in the Fall. What do you suggest?

  4. Very cool! Have safe trip, and a fun time!

    Peace <3

  5. Being from MI, I am curious to see what you experience there.


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  7. Holy hell thats a lot of miles!!! Should be an awesome trip!

  8. That IS a lot of miles!!! Have a blast!


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