Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Midwest Road Trip Continues.....

Sorry I've been offline for a couple of days mostly.  I've got internet back now.

I'm in Wisconsin at the moment and will be for a couple of days.  Of course the day I arrived, this part of Wisconsin experienced a record low for a high on July 15th that dated back into the 1800's.
Figures, right?

I bid farewell to Sonya Ann and Illinois yesterday morning.

Here's a photo I found on my camera that sort of sums up my time spent in Sonya Ann's company.......

No comments needed.
Make of it what you will.  ;-)

And here is a photo summing up where I am presently......

I am on a dry spell until I get back to Illinois.......if I survive a week without adult beverages.

My liver is relieved but my sanity?'s doubtful.  8-)

I have finished up DAY FOUR of my trip and here is what I have crossed off my "To Do" List.......

Go see something historic in Pittsburgh
Go to a Trader Joe's(never been in one)
*  Go have alcoholic milk shakes(again).
Go to World Market
Go have Afternoon Tea
*  Go swimming
*  Eat Cheese Curds
Visit at least 1 Brewery...ok, maybe 2 or 5
*  Go see some movies....Tammy.....Chef.....Begin Again.......or ?
*  Eat some local cheese, brats, fried pork tenderloin sammiches, strange Scandinavian concoctions, etc.
Go to liquor stores and buy beverages we can't get here
*  Go to a parade
*  Learn to play the bagpipes
*  Go to a county fair
*  Go to Chicago for the day by train
*  Eat at Fabio's restaurant
*  Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop
*  Go see the Largest Lutefisk in the World
Eat at Primanti Bros.
Eat local ice cream
Buy "Naughty" Novelties
Go Thrifting
Spend way too much money

We'll see what today brings my way.......

What is everyone else up to this week?



  1. me? just a-workin'. freakshow...interesting! ;-b

  2. I used a wool blanket on my bed last night, and I thought I was going to have to get another blanket, but the melatonin kicked in. It was 75 here at 3 pm.

    My biggie accomplishment: I cleaned junk from both sides of the dehydrator so I can fire it up for Vidalia onion, bell peppers. Most of the stuff went into the trash. The rest was put where it belonged. Some of the rest will be boxed up for storage.

    Wisconsin? Did I know that and forget? I cannot drink anything two days in a row. Once a week is about it for me. Maybe I am down to once a year since that is about it for me.

    Have fun!

  3. I think it's the law in WI one has to eat cheese curds.

  4. It was a wonderful visit and I'm sort of dried out. LOL

  5. Thanks for taking all of us along on your trip! Only wish we could have been there in person!!! The two of you together??? PRICELESS!!!


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