Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Kid Comes Home

My oldest son came home for a few days the week before the July 4th Holiday.

We hadn't seen him since just after Christmas of last year, when we went out to Pittsburgh to visit him and his girlfriend.

They arrived Tuesday early in the evening.

Our old beagle, Cherry, remembered our son even though he hasn't been home in over a year......

We had a couple of drinks and sat and talked well into the evening.
The next morning I took #1 Son and GF out to run errands.

The GF wanted to hit Old Navy to use a coupons that expired that day.
Unfortunately she realized she forgot to bring it on the trip.

I think these mannequins placed at the entrance are very creepy......

#1 Son gives his opinion on the shirts GF picked out for him to choose from.
Hey!  Our mannequin buddy in turquoise seems to like that one......

Both GF and I thought this hat looked rather dashing on him.
Kind of goes well with that Bob Marley shirt he is wearing, don't it?

Then we were off to 5 Below on the other end of the strip mall.
They had a wall of games.
Gee, you can play a classic board game that they ripped-off/turned into an online game and now they made that online version a RL/board game again.

What's old is new again, is old again......

#1 Son and I try out our super powers.......
I have to say, I hope the reason this Spidey mask is in here at a deep discount is because whoever designed it forgot to put an indented area where a person's nose is suppose to go.....ouch.

The GF was suppose to be Iron Man but she declined to don her mask.

So just to embarrass the kids more, I put on this mask/disguise......

I look rather fetching as a mustached elderly gentleman, no?

Then it was off to a beer store where #1 Son picked up some brewskis he can't get out in Pittsburgh.
I picked up Hubs 3 bottles of stuff......2 he likes and something new for him to try......

I also got a box of these for myself......

Verdict......this is my new BFF.

After that we hit Wegman's where #1 Son wanted to check out their brewskis(do you see a theme developing here?!?)and I did some grocery shopping for the week.

Then on the way home we hit the Georgetown Deli/Beer Store so #1 Son could, you guessed it, check out the brewskis.
I waited in the car this time.

That night we took the family out to the Hibachi Restaurant to celebrate #1 Son's birthday.

The GF trying to get out of camera range.....hahaha......too late!

Our chef.
Much to the disappointment to my kids, he did NOT have a rubber chicken in his toque so I didn't make a spectacle of myself laughing hysterically the rest of the evening.

That's ok.
I have other ways to embarrass my kids....


I shot a little video of the show......

I didn't get the sake shots footage since I was too busy opening my mouth and getting sake shot into it.....

#1 Son open wide waiting for his sake stream from the squeeze bottle.

#1 Son's GF took away his fork before the meal was served so he had to use chopsticks.
He finally got smart about it, after all his meat and veggies were gone, and picked up his plate to shovel the rice into his mouth.

And then the waitress brought out a little tiny cake with a candle in it.......and a gong.
Listen to me be unPC at the end of this clip with my singing fake Chinese.
Yes, I was feely fiiiiiine by then.....lolz

We got a treat while driving home too.
As we drove down the main street in our teeny tiny town toward home that evening, a black bear crossed the road about 50 yards ahead of us
Too bad I didn't have my camera ready to capture the moment.
We've lived here almost 14 years and have never seen a bear in town.
In our backyard, yes, but in town, no.

On Thursday Hubs, #1 Son, GF and I took a drive to Berwick.
I wanted to stop by the Surplus Outlet and see what deals they had and yes, I brought home some foodstuffs.

Then we went to the The Berwick Brewing Company in downtown Berwick.

It's housed in an old factory building of some sort but they have a "Bier Garden" out back, behind the building too.
It was a pleasant weather day so we sat out there and had the place to ourselves.
Here's the view over the fence.....

Close up of the confluence of a stream into the Susquehanna River.

Hubs and #1Son both got a flight of samples.
I got a Vanilla Bean Porter.  When that was finished I switched to Root Beer since I was driving.


Later #1Son and GF got some large glasses of Dunkel Weizen.
Everybody else got sloshed.
Oh, and there was pizza and pretzels too.

And the reason the Bier Garden was empty on a gloriously nice day?
Because the World Cup was on and the USA was playing.....

I've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but this guy wore his patriotism on his back.

Of course the week after we went here they tapped a keg of Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.....sniff, sniff......

We finished off the day with a fire.......and smores.....mmmmmm!

Saturday morning #1 Son helped Hubs make a batch of beer. 

This batch was Pale Ale.
The measuring, cooking and straining took most of the morning.

We hit the local Chinese buffet Restaurant for lunch and I actually got everyone in the photo.....well, except for me.....

We bopped downtown after that to show #1 Son where the local Hookah bar was since he promised to take #2 Son there as a graduation gift.

After that since we just happened to be near Rita's, we got an ice.....

The evening was just snacks and drinks and another fire and some people had smores again.

The next morning #1 Son and the GF headed out for home.
It was a short visit but a good one with a lot of laughs.

And I get to hang out with them again later today too when I hit Pittsburgh.
Yay me!



  1. Glad I'm not the only one that wouldn't be caught at night at an Old Navy store... I swear those dolls would come after me, happy-zombie style. That's awesome that they stopped by. Looks like a very fun visit!

  2. Well, it looks like a good, fun, boozy visit. I love that old man mask. Now, I want ice cream!

  3. Have fun in Pittsburgh! We were there a couple of times for conventions and thought it was a nice city. It's kind of confusing around those yellow bridges though.

  4. I'm new to your blog but it's nice to see a family hanging out and having a good time together. That's often a rare sight.

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all

  6. What a great post! So much good stuff! I'm so going to a Hibachi Bar restaurant before the end of the summer. I forgot how fun and delicious they are!

    Glad you got to spend time with your son. Cherry is adorable too!

  7. Sounds like a GREAT VISIT! How cool! Lotsa family time, gotta love it!

    Peace <3

  8. Don't dogs remember their people forever? For some reason, I thought they did. It looks like you all had so much fun!!


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