Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sluggy's Midwest Trip Bucket List

Here's a list I started of things I want to do on this Midwest Trip.  Some of these are my own ideas and some of them are things folks I am visiting have come up with.

*  Go see something historic in Pittsburgh
*  Go to a Trader Joe's(never been in one)
*  Go have alcoholic milk shakes(again).
*  Go to World Market.
*  Go have Afternoon Tea
*  Go swimming
*  Eat Fried Cheese Curds
*  Visit at least 1 Brewery...ok, maybe 2 or 5
*  Go see some movies....Tammy.....Chef.....Begin Again.......or ?
*  Eat some local cheese, brats, fried pork tenderloin sammiches, strange Scandinavian concoctions, etc.
*  Go to liquor stores and find beverages we can't get here
*  Go to a parade
*  Learn to play the bagpipes
*  Go to a county fair
*  Go to Chicago for the day by train
*  Eat at Fabio's restaurant
*  Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop
*  Go see the Largest Lutefisk in the World

Unfortunately I'll be leaving Iowa the day R.A.G.B.R.A.I. starts so I won't get to see that.
It's Iowa's answer to the Tour de France and it runs right through my friend Anne's town but I will have left already when it goes through.

Oh so much to do and see!

Check back over the next few weeks and see which ones I have ticked off my list.....



  1. in pittsburgh, ride the inclines (they are over 100 years old). and eat at primanti brothers.

    1. Will prolly do the Incline(it was on our list last Dec. but the weather was too cold that day) and I want to go down to the Strip District...hehehe, I said strip.
      Might go see the Block house too.
      thanks a.m.

  2. Pretty cool list! I love the bagpipes!

    Peace <3

  3. Oh do ride the incline. I live thirty miles north of the burgh. The strip is fun fun! Great food, and the original pirmatis is there. The frick house, the cathedral of learning.....I love my town lol

    1. On the list. We did the Frickin' Museum last trip.....the House list was filled that day. thanks for the ideas

  4. Just don't strip after the alcoholic milk shake.

    Movie--A Million Ways to Die in the West.

    Play the bagpipes? I had no idea you aspired to acquiring this skill.

    Oh, I love that little list graphic.

    1. No promises after I get drunk on a milkshake. lol
      I saw that movie already.....was so-so.

    2. I saw it twice. I could see it many times. My friend said that Jersey Boys was great.

  5. Can we drink first, before the bagpipes are played?

  6. I've been to a Trader Joe's once in Annapolis. It was ok. I liked it, but it's very far. It's the only place I can get frying cheese. I swear, frying cheese is the best stuff ever. They also had decent plantain chips, and I hear their wines are cheap and decent. Hope you get most of it checked off! Have fun.

  7. Hope you check everything off your list. Don't just stay drunk with SonyaAnn. LOL!


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