Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Net Worth for July 1st

The retirement accounts are up $5,579.01 from last month.
Unfortunately the liquid assets are down $512.60 from last month, mostly because of the $1K I paid for the car that I put on the c/c(which I paid off 2 days ago, before it was due)and the cost of the living room sofa(also put on the c/c and paid off now), etc..  I tucked away about $2K of the income last month but it was less than some charges for big ticket items we paid for out of savings.

Overall, we are up $5,066.41 in our financial net worth for July.

The college fund(which I don't include in our net worth)is also up slightly.  That fund won't be growing much anymore since we moved that $ to risk-free mode(read interest only), as #2 Son needs to start accessing it next month.  At this stage of the game, we can't gamble with that money.

Overall, a better result in June than May with the money.



  1. Sofa? You bought a sofa since the chair?

    1. No, we bought the sofa BEFORE the chair....the long brown thing in the photos. lol


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