Saturday, July 5, 2014


I went to use my camera this evening to shoot some fireworks and there are lines across my viewer screen.
It's so bad I can't even see the thing I am trying to film for the lines.
Tried Googling the problem and all that comes back are problems with the camera feature on a Samsung Phone.

Of course this is the camera that just went off of warranty in May.
double bleh.

I guess I'll be buying a new camera soon.
triple bleh.

Anybody have any ideas on what is wrong and if it can be fixed by a techno-phobe?

It's a cheapy Samsung WB30F with 10x zoom.



  1. Ask your question here:

    Have you taken out the sim card and battery, put it all back in, turn it on? Can you change display setting or camera setting like from low light to sunny to see if it is a problem with only one function? I do stuff like that and sometimes it does not help at all. Occasionally, it works.

  2. Sluggy, My cat recently knocked my camera off my desk and the screen was all green lines. It was messed up bad! I left it alone for a day, and miraculously it fixed itself. I was just about to buy another one too so that saved me money. Check it again this morning and see if there's any difference.

  3. There is sometimes a "default" reset on these cameras where all is reset to original manufacturer's specs.

    If not, it's usually more expensive to repair the cheapy cameras than to repair them - if anyone cares to. Sort of like those cheap inkjet printers. Just more waste. Hope there is a reset and it solves the problem. Cheers!

  4. Oh, and sometimes removing and replacing batteries and/or re-formatting the memory card will help, too.
    Cheers, again.

  5. Just remember, if you reformat your memory card, it erases all the pictures on the card. My cheapy camera suggests I reformat the memory card all the time. I just keeping taking it out and reinserting it until the camera plays nice.

  6. Sounds like the bases are covered. Look for the factory reset function if there is one. It's usually holding some combination of buttons when powering on the camera.

    Peace <3


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