Friday, November 15, 2013

What's Been Happening at Chez Sluggy

Frankly, most of what's been happening is quite boring so I don't mind if you just skip over this post. 8-)

This...... now firmly secured back into place in my mouth.
A big shout out to my Awesome Dentist!
She responded to my emergency call within the hour and 2 hours later I was in her office getting my crown but back in.
And she didn't even charge me anything. 8-)


It's been a week now and still no word from the contractor about a new compressor for the HVAC system.
I am guessing this lack of information means we are going to have to wait for something to be shipped from overseas.

And while I am's discuss eBay sales.
I am just gob smacked at how anemic eBay sales have been.  It's so slow I just cant' even get up enough enthusiasm to finish listing the entirety of my 50 free listings!
I finally sold 1 item this week!
Then I had put an item on auction instead of BIN and it ended last Sunday for a very disappointing amount.  Even so, it DID sell, but as of this morning the buyer/winner has NOT paid me for it.
So frustrating....

And the other HIGHLIGHT of my eBay week was a potential buyer who wanted to buy a pretty rare NIB old Power Rangers toy I have listed.
It's so rare I have it listed for $175.
And that price is very reasonable compared what others have sold for.
My target buyer is an adult collector, not someone's mom or dad buying this for Junior to play with.

Anyway, I get someone emailing me about the toy.
There are 3 possibilities on who this buyer is....either a collector, a dealer who wants it for pennies to resell it to a collector or a kid using his parent's eBay account.

Potential buyer says they really really really want it and to make HIM an offer.
What???   This person has it all backwards.....he's suppose to offer ME something.  lol

As for how much I want for it?

They go on to tell me they can't afford that.
So I retort that I have "Make an Offer" feature enabled on the item so they can offer me less.
(I also have MAO set up to automatically accept offers of at least XX$s so serious buyers aren't waiting around on me to respond when they make an offer.)

So they go and make me an offer.....guess how much this clown offers me?


And when I rejected it I enclosed a note like this....
"$11?  Seriously dude??
Yah, I'm probably dealing with a kid here or someone pretending to be a kid so I take pity on them and sell it for nothing.

"$11 Man" has now been blocked from buying/bidding on my crap.

As of now I am up to 3 items sold(2 paid for)on eBay in the last 14 days.


In better news, over on Etsy I have now sold 21 items in the 19 days it's been open.
I have over 1000 views in my shop so traffic is building.
One thing I don't get over on Etsy is this "favorite" feature.  Someone can "favorite" an item in your store.  What significance does this have?  Is it making me money?  No.

If they like something so much, why don't they BUY it?? lolz
Someone buying one of my fabrics is the only true indicator of "favorite" I care about.  8-))


And since eBay seems to be rolling over and playing dead and the local Fire Dept. lady who asks for donations for their raffle each year never called me this year, there is all this that went to the Salvation Army last weekend.....


And there is all this that is going there later today.....


And today I am collecting more items to ship off to Sallie's.  If we go out Sunday I might have another load full by then to drop off.


I went to the Podiatrist earlier this week as well.

The verdict is that my feet are too small.
Earth shattering I know......lolz

Add in that my legs are not straight so when I step my feet roll to the outside and then to compensate, the feet roll to the inside, which puts stress on certain muscles and joints, which makes my feet hurt like a sonofabitch sometimes.
Ok, so he explained it differently but that's what I heard.

Otherwise my feet are normal structurally, nothing broken or severely out of place, and I have good range of motion.
So the only thing that will help me at this point is to continue to lose weight(duh)and to wear diabetic shoes with good insoles or some other custom made footwear, since my feet are oddly shaped(wide as they are long.....I have cubed feet).

The sound of "Ka-ching" is ringing in my ears since this doesn't sound inexpensive.
Heck, I am really going to have to get $175 for that Power Rangers toy now to pay for these sort of shoes! ;-)

The only other thing the podiatrist can do for my feet if icing, resting them and pricey shoes doesn't help is to give me cortisone injections where the pain is located every few months.  But we aren't looking at that yet.


On the Turkey Day grocery tally to get to my gift certificate front......went to that store earlier this week and I am $6.48 from having spent enough to trigger the cert.   So Saturday we'll be picking up about that much in groceries and then I am DONE.

I've got my menu made up for Turkey Day too.  Now to make sure I have everything I need to cook it.


Can you believe that November is half over already!?!?

The first paycheck of the month flew into the account yesterday so now I can start paying bills.
Goody! lol

I sent off a check for Daughter's next 6 months of rent yesterday and then transferred that amount from the college account back into our checking account.


I did a little genealogy work for someone this week.  Found them some goodies they didn't have.
I really need to email a couple of folks who contacted me from Ancestry and a post I did on Philip Packer a few months ago.  Might be that we all are related.

The tests came back from my son's Y-DNA sample last week too.  Very curious findings on that and not at all what my Hubs thought his DNA is/was.  More later on that.


Speaking of living rooms......when I went to return the wheelchair we rented in October I stopped over at Big Lots since I was in that area.  They have a sofa advertised that I think might fit in the living room plan.
It's a small chaise sectional like the one we found at Just Cabinets this Summer......

It's a better maker than the other one at Just Cabinets and they want $100 less than JC for it.
Comfort is comparable to the other one too.
In person though, this one had this green cast to the color.  I am thinking it was because of the fluorescent lighting in the store but can't be sure.  Maybe I'll go back with Hubs and see if they'll let me take one of the pillows(the backs are the same fabric as the upholstery on the sofa)outside to see it in natural light.  I didn't think to do that yesterday.

Here is the other sofa contender.....

What I REALLY want is a leather or faux leather chaise sofa in this color and small size/style.
If anybody knows where they sell that, please let me know!  I hate to have to settle this time.

Here's the co-ordinating accent chair.....

Only thing is this chair is for looking at and not sitting on.
Very uncomfortable so I think I'll take a pass on this.

They also had this recliner that I think my Daughter would just ADORE for her Birthday.......

Now how to get it to Louisiana is the problem! lolz


This weekend I need to get out into the garage and do some organizing and cleaning since the temps are going to get into the 50's(and maybe 60's)here.
It's a disaster out there....again!
Too much hauling stuff into the garage and NOT putting it away in the correct spot and not enough hauling stuff OUT of the garage.
Plus we still have boxes out there from cleaning out the dining/living room so those need to be dealt with.

And Hubs and I have been on a liquor bender of sorts.  The last few months have been a Spending Spree of adult beverages.  And as I don't NEARLY drink the stuff as quickly as Hubs seems to be going through it my stuff is all over the place.  Add in that some beer I bought this summer for #1 Son for part of his Christmas present he doesn't want.(He is uber picky about not letting beer sit for 2-3 months between when you buy it and you consume it)  I now have about 3 6-packs of microbrewery beers I can't give him and I don't drink beer! lol  I'm going to try to get Hubs to drink it instead....I don't think that will be a hard sell. ;-)

And the bbq smoker & wood chips needs to be unearthed out there, so we can use it soon.

Otherwise this weekend we don't have much planned.  Cleaning, Salvation Army, a quick trip to the grocery store, maybe cleaning out the roots from the garden beds but no other outside work as the leaves are all raked and hauled off already.  I could get Hubs to rake the leftover leaves into the back garden bed though to decompose there.  Yep, I think I'll do that.

Ok, I have stuff to do.....more fabric to photograph and measure for Etsy, toys to list on eBay, a garage to organize and on and on and on.

So what's going on at your place this week/weekend?



  1. I didn't find any of that boring at all! And that's all you have to do this weekend?? Seems like a lot to me but then I'm sitting on my lazy butt waiting for a nasty virus to exit my body!

    1. Well I hope that virus takes a powder soon!
      And I wanted to say how much I like your new floors but I can't seem to comment on your blog.... 8-(

  2. Sounds like a kid to me...

    You know, some of these ornaments are created by my husband's uncle :) He used to be one of the Hallmark artists until he retired couple of years ago.

    1. Hey that's cool! I am sure some of what I am keeping and we put on the tree were designed by him.

  3. wait, is that an Eagle Scout ornament?! And a basketball player ornament? Where do I sign up?

    Heather near Atlanta, whose 12-year-old is NBA obsessed

    1. Well I am not giving these away in a giveaway, sorry. That NBA ornie is Larry Bird scouting ornies.

  4. Sluggy how did you get so many items for ebay? I do not understand. I mean I collect shoes I can't wear so you have your rights.

    1. Oh, it's a long long story. Cliff notes version is I was a bigtime eBay seller for awhile and the buying started getting bigger than the selling over the years. Now this stuff is worth more to me to donate it and take the tax break than to continue to sell it. As we have no mortgage to deduct, it helps get me up to the min. amount I need to make it worth itemizing our deductions. And by flooding the Sallie's with ornies and toys at this time of year, hopefully helps out those in my community that can't afford stuff in the retail stores.
      I don't do shoes by I am the Queen of the Collecting Univese otherwise. lol

  5. You are so funny. You with your cubed feet and crooked legs, how have you managed so long to stay upright and moving? lol My foot hurts so sometimes. I know it is from limping. Limping puts a strain on other joints. The foot is taking the hit. I know if I lost weight, the foot would hurt less. I don't think I have crooked legs and know my feet aren't cubed just fluffy.

    I put items in the free ads in the paper. If you advertise that you have one item when you have 20 identical ones, you can just keep selling off the one ad. Plus, you can meet collectors and hopefully sell to them or put things on consignment.

    Thanks you for trying this because I was considering Etsy and ebay, but now I won't bother. There is also an online forum for the city that has a page for selling. Does your paper have this feature online?

    I am trying to give away a digital camera and it seems no one wants it. It is free! You are in the giveaway. So someone gets a camera and school supplies along with the Bear Grylls bracelet. If people won't sign up for a giveaway, I suppose it is too much to ask for them to buy.

    I had my eye on the little cars you had. I was thinking Christmas for little grandson. Are they listed somewhere?

    It's awful you paid good money for heating and it's not working. I may be cold but did not pay for heating units and stay cold.

    If you get the cortisone shot, plus shoes and all, you will be walking and not limping which will cause pain or wear elsewhere. Now, the medical people on her may disagree, but that is my uneducated opinion.

    Cook with the beer or save it for the slugs next spring. Give it for a gift to some other man who drinks beer. The preacher? Maybe?

  6. We LOVE having a sectional. Hey, is your HVAC guy talkin' to mine? Ours didn't show up to do the second half of the job (venting). We haven't paid him for the first part yet (water heater installation). I don't get it!

  7. I saw a camo recliner here in Marvin's Hardware. You could find one down in LA and pay for it and have it delivered from some local place or just order it.

  8. Interesting post. Especially the eBay part. I've done a little bit of eBaying (is that now a verb - or is it a gerund - like "googling"?). I sold some boy scout patches. One batch made me a LOT of money (paid for a trip to England, thank you very much). Then the economy tanked. I have enough left to sell that I can afford another trip over the pond if the economy would just return to 2006 levels! So I think your eBay experience is more economic than otherwise - though the dummies are always there - one asked me if I'd take $50 for a $500 patch! HAHAHAHAHAHA Um, no.

    Peace <3

  9. I think people just aren't buying anything. My sister listed Ava's pack n play for 20 bucks with the changing piece and bassinet piece. I think my Aunt paid over 100 for it(and my sister didnt even want it) and some woman emailed and asked if she would take 5.00 and could someone load it into her denali. My sister was like and just donated it to the womens shelter instead. I love a good deal also but theres a good deal and then there is just plain cheap. My son still has all of his power ranger stuff, but it was well played with.

  10. See is you have an American Freight by you. They are soooooo cheap and its the same stuff that you would get in the expensive stores. It's crazy cheap. They don't deliver very far so you would have to rent a truck. Even so it is still going to be cheaper. My neighbor is looking to buy furniture and I would like a few new things. And I might see if a friend of mine wants to get in on the truck rental too. It's that cheap.
    I was planning on cleaning one of the cars this weekend but it doesn't look like it will be happening. It's raining and crappy. Oh well I have a cold so I will just stay inside and be in a pissy mood.
    Wow I have said crappy and pissy in one comment. I guess I'm in a foul mood.


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