Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WTF Tuesday

I went to the doctor yesterday and it seems I won't be keeling over dead anytime soon.
Yah me!
I'll be around to vex everyone for a good long time.  Though I am still short of breath.
I knew you were all worried...... ;-)

I am feeling all out of sorts this summer.
Not just in a physical way but in a cosmic, not-right-with-the-universe way.

Last summer I had lots to keep me busy......the July Stockpile Sale.......the August Stockpile Sale......a nice garden to tend......having Kid #2 graduate from high school and then packing off Kid #2 to college for the 1st time.....getting ready to hold a big Toy Sale(that didn't happen in the end, but I spent time working on it anyway).

This Summer?
No Stockpile Sales.
Kid #2 is back home and won't be living at school in the Fall.
The garden is dinky this year and due to the drought, not much action there.

I don't know.
I am just not feeling much of anything to blog about this Summer.
Ok, so I do blog but obviously calling my online friends "assholes" and posting long reads about the Civil War Draft Riots of 1863 aren't very popular.

Perhaps I should go back to talking about hoarding...or better yet cat hoarding!
Yes, since I started checking on my blog "keyword" searches, cat hoarding has been a phrase that has led many MANY people to my blog's front door.
I don't even like cats.....

So to keep things light and frothy today, I am going to show you some photos.

First off, I finally got around to making PICKLES!!!

Of course, everyone wanted me to make them but when I finally did, no one is eating them now but me!
But that's ok since I "heart" these pickles....nom nom nom.....

And here is the comedy duo I spend most days with....

Cherry the beagle and Penny the chihuahua.....the Abbott and Costello of the dog world!

Cherry loves to spend her days laying on her back.
Besides just hanging around upside down, the 2 dogs have a "Who's on First!?" routine worked out that they perform every day, usually beginning at 2:30pm....sometimes they start earlier than that, because they don't synchronize their watches evidently.

The "show" goes like this.....
Cherry will roll onto her back, usually this happens in the middle of the den or kitchen floor.  If Penny is not present, Cherry will whine and make quiet "ruffing" noises to get her attention.  Penny is mostly deaf though, but Penny has ADHD and walks around all. day. long., so she will "find" Cherry in "position" within minutes.

Once Penny is on "stage" with Cherry the show begins.
Cherry begins her "dance".  She slowly twist and turns on her back and moans.  Not an "I'm in pain moan".....Imagine a human porn film but with a dog playing the part.  Yah, it's kinda like that.
I know, that sounds weird but it's the only thing that is close to what it sounds like.

Penny stands over Cherry, constantly moving though, like a slow motion dance, and starts barking.
It's that high pitched "nail through your skull" bark that Chihuahuas do.
And they dance, moan and bark.....and bark.....and bark......
They would do this for hours I think, if I didn't take a yardstick to them, and make them stop after 20 minutes or until my head and nerves explode.

They stop but as soon as I leave the room or go back to trying to ignore them, they go right back to performing.....writhing on the floor, moaning, the tip tip of chihuahua toenails prancing in place and then the yipping that makes the paint want to peel right off the walls.

And this goes on right up until 4pm, which is their dinner time, or I break down sooner and feed them.
It's a wonder I have a sane thought left in my head some days!

And here is a photo an old friend sent me recently.  He actually sent this photo to me a few years ago but my computer crashed and I hadn't saved this photo elsewhere.  He recently sent it again.
This friend and I met the Summer of 1975.
I'll not share anything else about him, except to say that he once dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a Halloween party and you'd have been hard pressed to tell him apart from the real Marilyn.....of course if she wasn't dead and all.
But I digress....

We were both interns in a Summer Theater Workshop at a local Dinner Theater.
I had joined this program because a friend of mine, whom I had attended 8th grade with had.
We remained friends even though I attending the Parochial high school and she went to her local public one. 

Anyway, I kept in touch with this other friend I met at the theater(though he also went to a different high school from me).  We've reconnected off an on over the years since then. 
I went to his house for a visit the following Fall.
This was Oct. of 1976.
I was a Senior in high school.
Please forgive the Catholic school uniform plaid pleated skirt.
This is Sluggy in all her glory at 17.
Fashion victim of the '70's.

So how is YOUR summer going?
Is it me or are the planets spinning out of orbit this year?

Sluggy-who if given the chance for a teenage redo, would have done so many things differently!


  1. Glad you're doing fine. Nice legs in the short skirt, and... wait - isn't this something a guy should be saying?

  2. I would have redone my teen years, I would have left sooner.
    "Not just in a physical way but in a cosmic, not-right-with-the-universe way."-I'm right next to you on this one.

  3. Okay, I may be drunk but even so, I can tell that you're going crazy. Why? Who knows! Perhaps it's the heat. Love the Catholic School Uniform. I bet you got hit on a lot in the bars, huh? But it's a good look! You should wear it more often.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Help, that could be a picture of me in the 70's. Scary. Thanks for the support on my cranky rant. Some people are just viscous, I was rather shocked as it has never happened before. I feel that this is the one place I can vent and I don't mind people calling me up short, because I often deserve it, but I was (am) just frustrated and angry. I love you more than my luggage sluggy, let's go get our roots done!

  5. Have someone stomp your foot to give you something to think about!

    Shortness of breath? So, why? I attribute mine to fatness and lack of exercise. Both of those are hard to cure when I cannot walk or barely move without excruciating pain. Heart disease is the next candidate for causing shortness of breath! I have finally found a doctor who, hopefully, will listen to me and not just tell me I am fat.

    But, living long enough to annoy your children more is good news, exciting! Maybe you are an adrenalin junkie who gets her highs from the Stock up sales.I like the Civil War posts and missed your calling your online friends assholes.

  6. Maybe you should drink early in the afternoon like Mark was doing.


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