Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boring Blog Box Giveaway Winner!

There were 43 valid entries for the latest Boring Box Giveaway.
I fed that number into the random number generator and out popped the number 16.
I went down the list of entries and The Winning Entry is.....

Day 1 of my staycation. Well, we went a couple of towns over to a local farm to buy some produce.


Congratulations Frances.
Please email me your mailing information so I can get this off to you.
And let me know if you want the kid's sunglasses are the reading "cheater" glasses.

Thanks to everyone for entering the Giveaway.  
I think I'm going to take some time off from doing anymore Giveaways for the rest of the summer.
I hope to resume once Fall gets here and I feel more energetic.



  1. We were in Berwick close and yet so far :(

    Congrats Frances

  2. Yeah! I am so excited!

    I think the kids sunglasses. They will be handy to keep in the car for grandkids.



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