Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goal Check-Up....1/2 of the Way Thru 2012

Readers might remember that I set up a List of personal Hopes/Goals for 2012 back in January.
This post will be about revisiting my list and where I stand in regard to them at the 6 month checkpoint of the year.

Did I just say we are halfway through 2012 already???!!!  Ok, this post is almost a MONTH LATE and we are almost at 7/12th of the way through the year.
I think I really need to go breathe into a paper bag now, because I am about to hyperventilate at that thought!

At any rate, here is the list with updates....

Sluggy's Personal List of Goals for 2012

1.  Get all the tax and college Paperwork completed and filed by the end of February. of the few things I can totally cross off the list until next year.  Go me!lol

2.  Convert all my vinyl LPs to CDs and purge the LPs from my life.
I've decided to change this Goal to Digitizing all my photographs, since I have the handheld scanner and I've already begun to scan my photos into the computer.  If/When I get the photos completed I'll start on the vinyl LP conversions.  So for now, I'll give myself.....

3.  Continue to Declutter everywhere.  Finish the garage and move what's in the living room into the garage so that the house is 100% done by April.  Be out of the storage unit by December.
FAIL--well, the house is NOT 100% done yet so that's a fail.   
But I have continued to declutter.
I have gotten down in the decluttering to the nitty gritty of things.  I have so little used stuff to still get rid of and we just don't buy stuff anymore so there is nothing coming into the house to replace what I've gotten rid of.  That's a good thing!
But what is left is stuff I am finding difficult to pitch and donate.  All the things I bought to sell many years ago.  It kills me to donate some of this, knowing that what we get in donated value is less that what it cost me.  And yes, I'd sell it IF I could find someone locally to buy it and I've tried, believe me, I. Have. Tried.  And eBay is no longer an option because of the weight/high shipping costs these days.   There are buyers there but between the price of the item AND the shipping it's just too expensive.....and if I lower the price, well, it's more cost effective to take the tax write-off for the donation.
I guess I've had this stuff so long I am emotionally attached to it......and I need to let go of the thought of the money I have invested in this stuff.  Let go of the crap, let go of the money and let go of the memories.

We are almost ready to start work inside the house on the home reno projects. I know we have the cash for this but it kills me to hand it over to do this work that I use to do when I was younger.  I was always the handy one in the marriage.  I painted,  hung wallpaper, laid flooring and made a tiled platform for our wood stove in our old house.
My NEXT husband will be 

4.  Complete 4 house projects in 2012.  2 inside/2 outside
FAIL so far.  Projects identified and the cash is there, but we haven't pulled the trigger yet on any of them.

5.  Read 20 books this year.
IN PROGRESS-I've read 3.  Need to up the reading time but I don't think I'm going to make it to 20 before Dec. 31st.

6.  Rework the stockpile.  Make it healthier and more compact.
IN PROGRESS but MOSTLY DONE.  I'm going to make one more sweep through to get rid of things we don't eat and things that have been in there too long now and get rid of it.  This will happen in September so it is still not finished.

7.  Finish up the eBay sales by May.
I shut down eBay before Christmas and didn't do any eBay sales this year.   I still have some things to sell there and will restart that in Sept. and shut down for good in Dec.

8.  Get the sewing going again.  Go through projects in-progress and alterations pile and get rid of stuff.  Sew clothes for myself for a change!
So far I've done nothing except hems some pants for Hubs and daughter, and finish some pj pants for daughter. 

9.  Get the Etsy Store up and running. 
So far this has not happened.  

10.  Spend more time with family, especially Hubs.
PASS  Hubs and I have been spending more quality time together.  The kids?....not so much.  Seems they don't want to spend time with us old folks unless we are spending money on them.

11.  Lose 40 lbs...there, I said it!  Now I have to do it!!
IN PROGRESS but way behind.  I've lost 5 lbs. for the year.  As long as I am heading in the right direction, I'm not going to freak out about this.

12.  Continue the Savings Challenge with a goal of $20K for 2012.
IN PROGRESS and ahead at this point for the year.  We've got $13971.40 through June.

13.  Continue to be Frugal whenever possible and live well below our means!
IN PROGRESS/DONE  We spend way below our means each month generally.  In a bad/expensive month, we still spend less than we make, though sometimes with not a lot of room to spare.

14.  Take at least 1 REAL vacation and ENJOY IT!
DONE....sort of  I don't know if I'd call 3 days in Ohio during a heatwarve a vacation  
 We celebrate our 30th Anniversary in August this year.  We'll take a vacation after the tourists all go home in October and go to the beach.  Which beach I have no clue....

15.  Just in case I think of something else later, I'm leaving #15 empty.

Looking at this list, I am frustrated that I haven't ticked off my things on my list at this point.  It looks like I am good about finishing if I have a firm "unmovable" deadline date for a goal, but goals that have no real deadline for me?......I just let them slide.
Bad Bad Sluggy!

Or maybe it's just a case of biting off way more than I could chew in a year?  I just don't feel as ambitious
as this list needs me to be anymore.

So with half the year gone, how are you doing on your Goals for the Year?


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  1. I noticed there were no more pj pants on your to-do list.

    My goals are slowly coming along. s-l-o-w-l-y

    Can you take all the things you bought to sell to he flea market where you sell your extra shampoo stash? Maybe you can find a dealer there to take it off your hands. You can go there with no intentions of setting up and take the stuff to unload. Just a hought. Or, you could sell it. In the fall, the toys will be tempting for Chritmas gifts for the customers or buyers.


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