Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Shopping....Big Lots & Rite-Aid

Hubs and I went to Big Lots on Sunday while we were out.

10 x Old Orchard 100% Juice on sale $2=$20.00
2 x Ground Cumin $1=$2.00
1 x Nido dry milk=$3.00
1 x Tuna Helper=$1.00

The juice was $2.50 and marked down to $2.00 so we stocked up.  I only buy the 100% stuff, never the juice "sugared up cocktail"
I was out of cumin.
I wanted to try the Nido dry milk as I've heard of it for years but have never found it on the shelf around here before.  It was $3 and makes 2 gallons.....I have no idea if that is a good price but since fresh milk is regulated by the PA Dairy Board(ie-the price is artificially inflated and regulated and does not fluctuate due to supply and demand like it does in the rest of the country), we pay almost $4 a gallon for milk.  So 2 gallons for $3 is a deal to us.

The Tuna Helper......well, it was an impulse buy.  We haven't had it in ages and if I don't get a bare minimum of processed crap my brain might seize up. ;-)

Then I went off to Rite-Aid by myself.
I went because I had a $4 Hydro Razor Q that was expiring on Sunday to pair with a Rite-Aid emailed $2 Q.  I planned to get the Hydro 3 razor and after 20% Wellness discount and Qs it would have cost me .67¢.
Well, the plan was great.....except that the store was out of 3's and only had the more expensive 5's.
Ugh.  The $1.63 THAT razor would have cost was a good deal but I didn't get it, because I didn't need a razor.  Hubs like cheap single blade disposable razors....go figure!
But I just couldn't leave Rite-Aid without SOMETHING, now could I?LOL

2 x Powerade on sale .88¢=$1.76
2 x Extra Gum on sale 2/$2=$2.00** RANG UP w/ 20% Wellness discount instead $1.03=$2.06
1 x St. Joseph Aspirin 200 ct. on sale=$5.99
4 x Oreos on sale 2/$6=$12.00

Coupons Used
1 x $1.50/2 Powerade AdPerk Q=$1.50
2 x .50¢/1 Extra Gum AdPerk Q=$1.00
1 x .50¢/2 Extra Gum IPQ(walmart site)=$.50
2 x $1/2 Oreos AdPerks Q=$2.00
2 x $1/2 Oreos IPQ(Smartsource dotcom)=$2.00
Coupon Total....$7.00

I used $11 in +Up Rewards....$14.81-$11.00=$3.81 + .04¢tax=$3.85 OOP

$3.85 OOP sort of....

I was suppose to get $11 in +Ups back($5 St. Joseph, 2 x $2 Oreos wyb2, $1 wyb 2Extra Gums).
But the Gum was NOT coded to produce +Ups OR come up as $1 purchase price.
So I put $1.10 on my free gift card(a moment of silence for the end of the gift card please....), paid $3.75 in cash.
When I told them the Gum $1 +Ups didn't print, they gave me a dollar I "paid" $2.75 cash.
I didn't notice that the gum rang up 6 cents too much.  If I go by there this week, I'll get my pennies back for that.

So I paid $2.75 and got $10 +Up Rewards back.
But that's not all....

I bought $12 of Oreos and there is a $2 SCRebate this month for that, so I'll get $2 cash back next month for that.
There is also a St. Joseph's SCRebate.  It's advertised in the Weekly ad as on sale for $5.99 AND a $2 SCR available for this same size product.
But if you look in the SCR catalog, the rebate is for the 300 ct. bottle of aspirin, so I'll submit it and see if it comes through.  If it doesn't come through AND I want to be a hard ass I could call Corp. CS and argue about false/misleading advertising and such until they make good on it.

I paid $.99 in the end for the aspirin and that's a great price on this 81 mg. stuff!  And it's something I use as I am on a baby aspirin regime. ;-)

So I paid $2.75 OOP, got $10 +Ups back and I'll get either $2 or $4 in cash back.
Either way, it's a good deal!

Cookies and Powerade going into the Marching Band supplies, Gum goes in the Xmas stocking box and the Aspirin goes into me. 8-)

As of now, my Monthly Rite-Aid Stats for JULY are....

Out Of Pocket....$16.36 cash
Value of items bought....$65.52+$49.25+$49.19 + $36.01=$199.97
Single Check Rebate due....$6.00(or $8.00)

+Ups at beginning of month...$33+
+Ups used....$55+
+Ups received...$32+
+Ups currently...$10+ 

Food Budget spent today.....$28.75

Did you find any good deals anywhere this past week?



  1. Since you won't come here to work for me, I will just move into your house and eat Oreos. I'll go easy on the milk.

    Occasionally we drive up to your fair state and I noticed that the milk is mega-expensive. Milk can be bought for $2.50 per gallon here. See? I told you it would be a good idea if you enter my employ as a personal shopper.

    1. First, you'll have to fight off #2 Son to get to the Oreos. I'll build a cage for the MMA fight that will ensue...

      If you keep going with your Day Trading like you are, soon you will be able to afford my personal shopper


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