Thursday, July 12, 2012

Show Me Yours & I'll Show You Mine!

Sometimes I wonder about myself.
I think I am aware and "with it" but then things happen and I just shake my head at myself.

Like the other day when I was on someone's blog who is on my blogroll.....and I clicked on a link for someone on their blogroll and went to read a new-to-me blog.....and then I saw that this person had my blog on their blogroll.  And I was like, What?!?  How did I not know that?.....or who are they, do I know them? was a verbal head scratching of sorts.

And then I looked and this person evidently had become a follower at some point on my blog and put me in their blogroll but they never said anything about doing that to me nor had they ever left a comment on a post.
Because if they had I sure would have gone to their blog sooner and probably put them on my blogroll too.

I try to operate with some degree of neighborly etiquette out here in cyberspace.  I love to exchange links with other bloggers if I feel they are a good fit.  A "good fit" could be interpreted many ways......they are frugal, they are retired, they have teens, they talk about finances, they are funny, they practice the domestic skills, they live an interesting life, they are a woman of "a certain age", they are fun to read about, and so much more.

If you look at my blogroll, you'll see many voices.  All of them unique in their own way.

Likewise, I don't expect, but I feel it's neighborly for other bloggers that I have honored with inclusion in my blogroll to include me on their blogroll.  That's not to say that I won't put them on mine if they don't put me on theirs.  Some people are just more particular then I am as in "I have a XXX blog and I only link to other strickly XXX blogs", some people don't even HAVE blogrolls, some people are narcissistic and don't even consider/care that there are other writers out there,  and then there are the some people who are assholes.  Nobody who I read is an asshole.   ;-)

I have removed a few blogs over the years too.  I try not to do this but if  a blog is abandoned and not updated after half a year or so or if the blog changes drastically and goes in a direction I don't find palatable I will remove them.  IE-I removed a blog awhile back because they changed from personally written posts to writing advertising posts full of marketing hyperlinks to get them a higher score of some sort in advertising rankings.  Yah, they would start out talking about a subject and then veer off and become an advertisement for a law firm halfway across the country from where they are located.  Not cool.  There are ways of making a little cash off of your blog without turning the whole thing into a commercial.

All I am trying to say here is that if you have a blog, and you would like to exchange links with me and possibly grow your readership, EMAIL ME!  Also, if you have put me on your blogroll please let me know so I can reciprocate.



  1. I used to be concerned with my blogroll, but I'm not anymore. There is no official reciprocation clause in blogging. I'd rather have someone like my blog but never put me on their blogroll, than to have me there for no other reason than I blogrolled them first.

    I also feel no obligation to blogroll someone just because they've already blogrolled me. And asking me for link is a sure way to NOT get one. So, maybe one of the bloggers you follow is an asshole, after all.

    I use Google Reader exclusively, and have my blog linked so that my blogroll matches my Reader list. I have a habit of adding a blog to Reader only to find that after a week or so of posts, I don't really enjoy it, so I delete it. I only update the blogroll on my blog every month or two, so it's rarely in sync with who I'm actually following.

  2. Oops. I had no idea that you're supposed to let someone know when you put them on your blog roll. I just consider it as a list to keep up with the blogs I visit the most. (Although my list is very incomplete, I really should update it.) My own blogging is very sporadic, so I never expect to end up on anyone's blog roll.

  3. I don't think I have ever informed anyone that they are on my blogroll unless I am loving their blog and gushing to them about how I love their blog. I, too, am surprised when I find myself on someone's blogroll.

    One blogger did not blog for a year, but I kept her on my blogroll because she was offering a free ebook on finances--In the Trenches.

  4. "I try to operate with some degree of neighborly etiquette out here in cyberspace."-I agree but I still don't have a blog roll. Honestly, there are times when I just miss a step or two. It's not that I don't love you much. But I'm an asshole that doesn't reciprocate. ;p

  5. Sitting here laughing my ass off at the idea of Annie being an asshole.

    SonyaAnn, not so much. snicker.

    Love you, too, Sluggy!


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