Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I Bought in June.....Very Boring, Don't Look

This list is what I purchased in June.
It's food and toiletries.
I do this to keep an eye on what types of food I am buying and to see the quantity of bad things(processed foods)I still purchase.

steak  9lb.
italian sausage  3lb.
breakfast sausage  2lb.
pork loin  8lb.
shrimp  2lb.
ground beef  8lb.
salmon  4lb.
lunchmeat-sort of bad  1.5lb.

corn  10
celery  1
asparagus  3lb.
bagged salad  4
lettuce head  1
red peppers  2
mushrooms  2lb.
tomato  2
zucchini  3lb.
potatoes  10lb.
yellow squash  3lb.
onions  4lb.

cantaloupe  1
pears  2
grapefuit   3
bananas   2lb.
strawberries  1qt.

eggs  3.5 dz
milk  1 gal.
cheese  25 blocks/bags
sour cream  2
margarine  2
greek yogurt  2 qt.

honey  6 lbs.
juice  5
flax seed  1lb.
quinoa  1lb.
cold cereal   1
bagels  2 bags
bread and rolls  11 bags
coffee  18 bags
mayo  3
seltzer  8
tea bags  3 boxes
chili   2 cans
dog food   2 bags

laundry detergent  1
stain treater  2
bleach  3
toilet cleaner  3
spray cleaner  4
napkins   5

corn dogs(for kids)  1
diet coke(for SIL)  3
ice cream   4
muffins(store bakery)   4
frozen breakfast sammies  1
potato chips  8
soda(for kids)  12  12-packs
vitamin water(was free)  4  6-packs
oreos  6
potstickers  1 bag
cake(store bakery)  1
pizza rolls(were free-for kids)  1 box
yogurt(sugared up)  5 cups
iced tea bottle(sugared up)  1 bottle
tootsie pops  6 bags
candy bars  14

What food did you buy in June?



  1. I had to look! I was kind of excited by it...

    1. Of course your inner geek was

  2. You were right this is I didn't but much food in June. I probably spent about $200.

    1. Hey, I never
      I think I got quite a lot for the amount I spent in June. I don't hold much hope for doing as well(amount vs. cost)in July.

  3. I bought too much. LOL. We are having the 4th here so I've loaded up. We have a deal here that if you buy a case of beer, you get a pack of sausage, buns and ketchup. Den says we should run this deal many times.

    1. Den is such a bargain shopper. LOL!

  4. Not boring at all. I don't think your junk food list was bad at all.


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