Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Can't Help Myself!....The Decluttering P*rn Returns!

More Decluttering......

This first lot got taken in May with a bunch of other crap, but I forgot to write these things down on the paper and post this photo here, so I'm noting them now.....

6 x Star Wars Action Pack of Vehicles
4 x Star Wars assorted Model Kits
1 x Micro Machines Star Wars Playset
1 x Barbie 40th Anniversary Doll
1 x Dilbert Dogbert Ceramic Mug
1 x Easter bunny candy mold

5 x Framed Power Rangers Posters

1 x Cabbage Patch FURSKINS Teddy Bear

4 x Miniature Radio Flyer Wagons

3 x Star Wars Trading Card/Role Playing Card Game Sets

6 x Cheaters Reading Glasses
2 x Kid's Sunglasses

 2 x Kid's Bed Sheet Sets(used)

10 x Ty Beanie Babies-retired

47 more Most Excellent Items outta here!!!



  1. Ahhh...the reading glasses LOL

  2. All those things look like they could be or were meant to be resold. ???

  3. I have about 10 pair of readers I can no longer use and I have a declutttering challenge room by room next month, join me, but you can't laugh at me. I was just looking at my mangler (large iron) in my shop. It is a flat surface so fair game. It held a sewing gauge, camera, small box of junk cleaned off floor of closet, sunglasses no one wears, magnet, pull tabs for gun that no longer exists, a camera box from a camera long defunct, contact case (I don't wear contacts), you get the drift where does this sh&* come from? Help me,.... By the way I have two large and I mean large bags of beanies, are they worth anything?

  4. I love porn. No wait-I missed the point again~!
    Good job!


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