Tuesday, July 3, 2012

236 Years Later....It's Still Too Hot!

Starting the July 4th party here a bit early.  Working on some cooking and cleaning today so except for the smoker duty tomorrow I can relax.

A drink or two will help speed along the work today....

It's always a good time of year to go watch "1776" or the HBO series "John Adams".

From the 1972 film....

If you prefer "live action" theater, here's the scene from the Broadway revival done in 1997 instead....

And this clip just proves nothing has changed in 236 years.......not in Congress or Philadelphia.....lol



  1. Who new the year 1776 was so lively! I'm sure they had a blast putting this country together. ha!
    Love that John Adams movie.

    1. Ya, a real blast Mark...struggling to feed themselves while not getting smallpox or getting shot by Tories.
      Under those circumstances, you can't blame them for drinking as much as they did! lol

  2. :) I hope your Independence kicks the tar out of the one 236 years ago!

  3. You too McVal. At least we have a/c and not as many flies now.lol


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