Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

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Here we go....

I've been scanning family photos this evening.  This is my brother holding me after my Christening in 1959.  Don't let that angelic, cherubic face on him fool you.  He had him some right nice devil horns the whole time growing

What are you...

Reading?  "I Wrote You Word"-the Poignant Letters of John Lee Holt.  *He's an ancestor who fought in the Civil War.  His great granddaughter had his letters home to his wife compiled into a book back in the 1990's.
Watching?  Listening to the Olympics, Hubs is watching them.  Well sort of, he has ADHD with the remote and keeps changing the channel.  It drives me NUTS!  Hopefully he goes to bed soon and I can actually watch an entire race from start to

Listening to?  The Olympics.

Cooking/Baking? We thinned out the Collard Greens in the garden today, so I cooked up the thinnings with a tad bit of salt pork.  "Tad bit" is a technical cooking term you know.....
I baked a double batch of brownies yesterday as #2 Son came home from summer camp.  Those won't last long with him

Happy you accomplished this week?
 Got the bills paid.
Got some cleaning done.
Got some swimming time in between the downpours of rain.....yah, rain!!!
    Looking forward to this week?  
    Getting a good amount of photo scanning done.  Getting some more cleaning done in the living room/dining room.  Hubs goes back to work so I'll have some quiet time again. 
    Working on some more genealogy.  I'm adding my sis-IL(brother's wife)family to our tree.  Will be interesting to see where that takes me.

    Thankful for today?
      My kids.  They drive me nuts but they are good kids.  They are a blessings and I'll try to keep that in mind when they are on my last nerve next time!lol

    *Bonus Question*
    What are 3 RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness) you witnessed this week?

    Well, I didn't really go anywhere this week so other than Hubs and I doing for each other, no RAOKs last week.  I let someone go ahead of me in line at Rite-Aid.....that will have to count. ;-) 
    Ok, I offered to do some genealogy legwork for a guy in the UK......ok, the weather has to cool off first but it's penciled in for Sept. or Oct.



    1. Sluggy, I totally need to scan my billions of old photos. Seriously, I have a scanner and everything and the only ones I ever scan are the ones that I need to use on my blog. Congratulations on YOUR success.

    2. Sluggy,
      I hope scientists someday study men and the remote-changing-channel someday. I had a guy friend that came over for board games and dinner for about a year. We watched tv some, too. Finally, I got up and removed the remote from his hand, telling him I hoped I did not destroy his sense of masculinity. It was either that or kill him.


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