Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat with Carla

It's time for another episode of Sunday Night Chit-Chat, sponsored by CARLA.
Go see her and then post your answers to her Chit-Chat questions.


* Reading.... I read my new ALL YOU magazine this week.  Took very little time.  Won't be renewing that!lol

* Watching... Later tonight I'll catch the Season Finale of SISTER WIVES.  It's a train wreck I can't help but watch.

* Cooking/Baking... Kielbasa and onions on the cast iron skillet on the stove top.  Too hot to bake here.

* Happy you accomplished... I got out of bed.  Yes, my goals are low  I did work on future blog posts for later.  And I'm happy we got home from our trip in one piece.

* Looking forward to next week... getting back into my "at home" groove.  1 less teen around is good too.  And going forward with the home improvement plans.

* Thankful for today... That even though we faced some unforeseen financial challenges last week(trip problems and car repairs), that we had the money to take care of things.  And that Hubs actually seemed to relax on our trip.  He works hard and has trouble destressing on vacations.

* Listening to... the dog snore and cars flying down the road next to the house.  Later Hubs will put on some sports thing and I'll be forced to listen to that as background

* BONUS QUESTION  What is the WORST movie you've ever seen and couldn't be paid to watch again?... Oh there are SO MANY contenders for that one!lol  As for recent has to be "Amelia"  They actually took a woman, Amelia Earhart, who had an amazingly thrilling life and turned it into a 2+ hour snoozefest.  ick.  Full price movie tickets AND a piece of my life I'll never recover.



  1. Ohh... I'm gonna watch Sister Wives too... You're right, it's hard to look away from a train wreck! lol! I haven't bought a new magazine in years.. Sad huh?! lol!

    1. Carla, I only bought that magazine for the amazing coupons it was suppose to have. Very disappointed in that. Oh well.....won't do that again. lol

  2. I just did my play-along answers. Come check them out!

  3. Do you know about

    1. Oh yes Marci. That blog is good for a laugh or two. I'll have to check it out again, as I haven't in awhile. thanks!


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