Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's Going On at Chez Sluggy?

Just a post of Random Tidbits from my life lately.

* We had a good productive couple of days last weekend.  I got 2 pair of pants hemmed.  Hubs and #2 son raked the leaves up and the town carted away 31, yes 31! large bags of leaves yesterday.  I also worked on getting another load of clutter together for charity.  And I FINALLY changed out all my summer clothes to the winter stuff....just in time for a week of temperatures in the high 60's here.

* I sold 3 more dolls on the tag sale site.  Hubs is delivering them today after work.  11 more to go....sigh.....

* #2 son started up flute lessons again.  He is super psyched with this teacher and finally is putting some effort into learning his piece for the Districts audition.  He is playing in the pit orchestra for the school musical next month, finishing up Marching Band season this month, playing the electric bass in the jazz band, playing flute in the concert band and he was just recruited by the music director to play the contrabass in the String Ensemble because the only bassist graduated.  He's never played the contrabass but he plays the electric bass and there is no one else in the band who plays well enough so he got elected.
I feel he is tired and too busy but he is enjoying it.  His grades are doing well so far so I am not impinging on his pursuits.

* #2 son's best neighborhood friend moved away this week.  The stepdad took a job in Alabama & they just sold their house.  They had the closing on their house on Monday and left the state.  # 2 son is in the dumps over losing his friend.
                    ***this is NOT my old house***

* Just by chance I discovered that the home we owned before moving into our current home is for sale!
I found the listing and it was a sad sight to see what they have done to it.  It's bordering on the verge of "fixer-upper" now.  I told Hubs we should buy it back since they are asking only $7K more than we sold it to them for.  It's a steal, really!   I loved that little house in the woods.....

* I reopened my eBay Store for the Holidays on Sunday.  The next couple of months are the busiest time of the year for sales on eBay so I jumped back into the water.  I'll be spending the next few weeks getting my Store stocked with goodies in time for Black Friday when things dramatically pick up....or at least I HOPE THEY PICK UP!lol  I have ALL my remaining boxes of eBay inventory in my living room.  Have I ever mentioned I have NO FURNITURE in my living room?lol
I'll weed through, as I go through the boxes to list stuff, and send some more of it to Salvation Army I am sure.  I have already sold 7 items....go me!  I've put a link to my eBay Store on the right sidebar.  Feel free to browse around it if you feel the need to buy overpriced old toys and crap. ;-)

* I am cleaning out the freezer this week.  I need to find room for the turkey I have to buy in the next couple of days so we are eating down the contents as well as pulling out old stuff to mix into the dogs' dinner bowls.  I have no doubts my dogs will "heart" me this week.....

So what's new in your neck of the woods this week?



  1. I Love Ebay! It is a lot of work, but you can make a few bucks!

  2. I need to make some room for meat too. I reorganized the freezers. All the meat is downstairs and the veg and other stuff is in the kitchen. My reorganization is not working as well as I had hoped for. I seem to have lost some room. I don't know where it went.
    Good luck on Ebay. I have a few things that I would like to sell but I have no idea where to even start. Oh well I will add it to the ever growing to do list.

  3. Random replies to your random post:

    *I don't understand raking leaves. We always mulch them with the mower and leave them on the lawn to become on-the-spot compost.

    *Your ol' "fixer upper" in the picture reminds me of my grandparents' old house. Not the condition but the design. It lacked indoor plumbing and "central" everything, but I loved that old house.

    *I recently sold a few things on eBay after an absence of several months. I was flabbergasted to learn (after the fact, of course) that they now charge a final value fee on shipping! It's highway robbery!

    * I cleaned out both of our deep freezers yesterday and rearranged things to make room for the deer meat Shane will hopefully get this weekend. On of our freezers is completely full of pork and frozen whole tomatoes. We have 35 gallon-sized bags of whole tomatoes, with several hundred (yes hundred) more tomatoes ripening on shelves and on the kitchen table. I'm trying very hard to convince Shane that next year, we don't need to buy any tomato plants. If we have volunteers like we did this year, they will provide more than plenty. I may never buy spaghetti sauce again...

  4. I have also been cleaning out and inventorying the freezers and the pantry, trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.

    I have you listed as one of my favorite sellers on ebay so I will scope out your stuff.

    We have decided to adopt a family for Christmas gifts this year rather than buy for ourselves. They have 7 girls they recently for real adopted and are strapped, as you might imagine. So I am thinking maybe some of those dolls might end up being well-loved rather than stored. I have to find out the girls' ages and likes.

    Sounds like things are going well in Chez Sluggy!

  5. It's hard to believe that you lived in that house. Did someone actually live in it and let it get into that condition after you?

  6. ***this is NOT my old house***

  7. Those girls would love the dolls! If there are older girls, I would give them one even if they say they are not into dolls. Older kids sometimes don't want to admit they like kid things. I have things to donate for children, so I had better get it together before my surgery. Time is flying too fast this year, it seems. I need to get my Etsy shop up and running!

  8. Oh, I knew that wasn't really your house, Sluggy, but it still reminds me of my grandparents' place.

  9. So how did you get the Stormtroopers to rake for you? Are they expensive??

  10. That actually looks like MY house, such horrible disrepair!


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