Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Chit-Chat

Well I've showered, done a load of laundry, poured my morning iced tea(don't judge me!), printed a fistful of Qs off, cooked and had my steel cut oats, taken dinner out to thaw(salmon), read my bloggy friends musings, lined up 9 eBay listings to write and mailed a package(well it's on the porch and the mail lady is coming to ME!lol).
And it's only 10 am.
Usually I am just rolling out of bed at this hour......sometimes later. ;-)

We are on Thanksgiving Countdown here!
T-Minus 8 days and counting.
Actually, I need to get the house in order by Sunday, as one of the BILs will be arriving from SC on that day.  He is not staying through to Thanksgiving but still, the house needs to be presentable even if the kitchen will be a disaster since I'll be scrubbing out the fridge and cleaning/organizing/going through the pantry foodstuffs.  He'll sit in Hubs recliner all day anyway except when he's getting himself more coffee or trying to get me to fix him food/wait on him......good luck with that last thing!lolol

And did I mention Hubs took off all of next week from work?  At least he can keep his brother amused and stay the hell outta my way unless I need something broken mangled fixed moved around the house.

Then Daughter arrives home on Tuesday and I am sure her Beau will be arriving shortly afterwards. He may be staying here since he still doesn't have a place to live due to the flooding in September of his mom's house.  I think he is still staying with his Grandmother off and on.  Daughter is suppose to assist with the Turkey Day meal but otherwise I don't think I'll be seeing much of her....unless she needs money, then I'll be seeing her out stretched hand.....

I also have to empty the dining room so we all have a place to eat together next Thursday.
This is where I'll need assistance since the dining room is eBay Central.  I store the crap I am selling in tubs in the living room but I photograph and pack everything in the dining room.  Meaning that room is full of bubblewrap rolls, newspapers and shipping boxes.  That has to all go into the garage until next Friday.

Speaking of eBay......
I've sold 14 items in the last 10 days.  I'm not upset about the slow start since my worry/concern until Black Friday is to get my Store loaded with items.  I am striving for 10 listings a day but I've only done 8 per day the last couple of days, so I'm falling behind my goal.  I've got 65 live listings at the moment and I hope to have 75 more done by next Friday for a total of 140(unless I sell some things between now and then).  140 would be a fine goal and make me smile! 8-))

I'll be heading to Weis Markets aka The Evil Empire in a bit for......wait for it.......more gravy!!lol
I've also got a $5 Cat Q to spend and a few other good deals to pick up.

I hate having to go out after school hours, as I find my energy ebbing around the 3pm hour, but today it can't be avoided.  #2 son threw away his brand new retainer.  We've been trying to track it down(he threw it away at someone else's house)for the last week or so and were crossing our fingers it would turn up but no such luck.  Now we have to go replace it.  We had to replace Daughter's when she sat on it(lol)so we are giving #2 son a FREEBIE this time and he won't have to pay for it.  I am not happy but if it happens again, HIS WALLET WON'T BE HAPPY!lol  Having to go to the other side of Wilkes-Barre to the Orthdontist's nice, fancy, new office to have the retainer fitted after 3pm is NOT making me happy either.  Rainy weather, pre-rush hour traffic and having to race home to feed ravenous canines and to slave over a hot stove for dinner. 
I'll be using up my Cranky Cards later today.....

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  1. Do you think I can pay my hairdresser in ....GRAVY! LOL...well you certainly are getting tons done today. I know my sister hates the drive to Wilkes Barre but have fun


  2. You are on such a roll! What is your secret?

  3. Good luck with your sales. I'm so proud of you for working on this. Lots of work!
    And yeah, it's pretty nasty out there. Claire has girl scouts tonight and I dread being out in this weather. yuk!

  4. Okay, I voted, but in actuality, there won't be any pie. It's the whole lo-carb thing, and if there's a pie, I'll eat it. So... no pie :)

    BUT if I were to have a pie, I'd probably make a pumpkin one...

    Good luck with clearing out your ebay stuff for the holiday, and here's hoping you sell everything!!!

  5. Are you going to sell your gift cards on Ebay?

  6. what the hell is it with retainers? I broke my daughters retainer yesterday. It was in my pocket because we had left the dentist from getting her teeth cleaned. At home when cooking dinner, I realized a had a wad of tissue in my pocket. I pulled it and smashed (crunch!) it up and tossed it in the trash. I was so effing pissed at myself. I've always told her not to wrap it up in a napkin cause then you don't know it's there. What do I do? Wrap it up in an effing napkin. UGGGGG

    Our ortho wants $210 friggin dollars to make a new one. And that is just the bottom one. How much does your guy charge?

  7. Free!--Our retainer was a top...I guess they are cheaper. I was charged $42.50 but that's because I got pissy about having to drive 2 towns away to have it put in, so he charged me half of what it usually costs. I guess CA bozo doctors charge more.
    And now you can't yell at her if she puts it into a napkin and throws it out....ouch.

  8. Judy--I couldn't hurt to ask if the hairdresser would take gravy in trade. Hell, stop up and give it out for Xmas gifts!lol

    SonyaAnn--I WISH I was on a roll! But sadly, I only got 2 eBay listings done today.....and I haven't gotten to the grocery store yet.

  9. Mark--Thanks for the pat on the back. It IS a lot of work.
    Why don't you go to my eBay Store and buy don't have nearly enough crap to throw out!!lol

    Pretty--You have to have at least 1 piece! Can't you go buy a slice somewhere?....Perkins? or something. I saw a pecan pie recipe the other's suppose to be as good but without being so bad for you(fat/calories). It uses maple syrup in place of the corn syrup and ground up pecans in the crust so not so much crust carbs. I can send it to you if you want....LMK.


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