Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rite-Aid Deal for Anyone Who Spends $ at Home Improvement Stores...Hurry!

I forgot to mention this Deal earlier....duh!
If you are a home owner you probably end up spending money on your property at those big Home Improvement KNOW the ones I mean!lol

If you have spare cash to tie up until your next trip to Lowe's and/or Home Depot, head over to Rite-Aid TODAY.

One of their Black Friday Weekend Deals is this.....
Buy a $50 "Do It Yourself Home Improvement" Gift Card.
It looks like this....
Don't buy the identical one that you can put a range of cash into, buy the $50 one.  You pay no fees and it looks like it's a prepaid Discover card thing.  But you don't have to have a Discover card account to use this....sort of like prepaid American Express cards you can get but don't have to have an AmEx card to spend them.

Anyway, buy this card and you'll get $10 in +Up Rewards "money" for each one you buy.  There is a limit of 2 per Wellness card.

This is a great deal if you can afford to "tie up" your home repair/improvement funds in a gift card until you need to spend them at the store.
Or if you like someone you give gifts to at the Holidays $50 worth and they want this kind of thing, buy it for a gift and keep the $10 in "free" Rite-Aid script.

I went out on Black Friday(the ONLY shopping I did!)to Rite-aid and bought 2.
I'll be borrowing the BIL's card to get 2 more since he won't/doesn't need to get any of these.

This Deal ends tonight so get to Rite-Aid today.

Now I want to hear all about all you folks who rode the Crazy Train and hit the stores on Thursday and/or Friday.....insanely early wee hours of the morning or not and whether you get a buzz hitting the stores with your friends, if you go Holiday shopping on those days, you ARE riding the Crazy Train!lol

Me?  I went to Rite-Aid, grabbed my gift cards and was out of the store in 3 minutes.  No crowds, no lines, no sleep deprivation and no fist fights with coked up "people of walmart" types. 
Yes, I am boring but hey! knew that already. ;-)


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  1. I am boring, too, I suppose, left the house at 7:30 pm and went for milk and to Office Max, finding a printer for $50 and one for $99. I will work this deal into a free $99 printer for me. Kodak printers are good ones,supposedly. If I go during the Iron Bowl, the guy said they will be dead in the store. YAY!

    Sluggy, at least we were in no danger of being pepper-sprayed!


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