Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One More Day....

....Until December!
I see all of you out there, you KNOW who you are!, talking about having your Christmas buying all wrapped up or nearly wrapped up.
And it's not even freaking December yet!
Come on......


I can't compete with this so I won't try.
I have bought throughout the year in years past, but with teens and older who don't want 'stuff' anymore I just don't buy much anymore.

I do give gift cards or money, which I can do late in the game and it's so much less stressful.
I ordered some gift cards with our c/c points over the weekend.
Now I have to get something for Hubs and my family 'Secret Santa' person.  The immediate family draws names and we each give 1 nice present to our SS person.
And I'll wait until this weekend to start freaking out over getting this done and getting the house in shape to decorate a bit.

I did buy 1 item for the Nephew for Xmas that was discounted 40% so reasonably priced on Black Friday.  And that was it for BF, except for the Gift Cards(that aren't gifts)I got at Rite-Aid.

Since I was online working on listings all day on Cyber Monday I did a little window shopping though.
I also wrestled with myself most of the day over the Deal of the Day on Amazon......

A $499 600 Pro Series Kitchen-Aid Mixer.
After sale price, rebate AND additional discount if you opted out of the Free Year of some magazine, the price was $183 and change.
I debated over buying this all day....never did hit that order button though.
I'd love to have it but with the kids leaving home, I find I make less and less baked goods.  It would end up being a very pretty and expensive counter tchotchke I'd have to dust.

With reopening the eBay Store, I haven't had time for much else the last week except for throwing food on the table or clothes in the

Here's something shipping out today......

3 3-pack gift sets of CARS cars.
I sold them for $69.99.
I paid $5 each on clearance at Target 3 years ago.
My "geiger counter hands" strike again!lol

On the other hand, my 2 local Tag Sale Doll/Toy buyers crapped out on me.  There will be no $153 for me and less crap here to unload.
I'll repost all the Tag Sale stuff tomorrow....Pay Day!lol

There is major consternation in the local online Help Site. I'll post separately about that brew ha-ha when I have more time.

After a week of 60 degrees the temp has dropped and I swear it looks like it's going to snow at any minute.
My poor confused

I got an invite yesterday to go to Scranton and protest Barry Obama.
He's in town politicking and yammering on about something or other.....and causing major clusterfuckness on the 2 Interstates around here.  Thanks so much Washington and don't wait dinner for anyone who has to commute around here today.
Screw your Presidential convoy!  Why don't YOU sit your ass in traffic like the 99% do.....

I decided to stay home and stay pepper spray-free.
Of course, I do have a nice camping tent and I could probably drum up some people and start our own local OWS group.
Maybe if it was still 62 degrees and I didn't have work to know, to make some money so I can support myself and not have to rely on the Government for handouts.

I'm more concerned about this protest right now....



  1. After bragging about my snapdragon blooming yesterday it snowed today. Just a few inches and most of it has melted away...for now!
    Major score on your Cars cars!! Impressive!

  2. HAhaha-pepper spray free!
    I think that it is getting easier as the years go on. It was so hard to track down all of the plastic worthless crap that they always wanted. To be completely honest, I'm not even going to make a fuss this year. If it gets done, it gets done. Den isn't going to like it but if he wants flipping cookies he can make them and put up the tree. I'm not even going to bring it up. He was supposed to be making Amish bread and he can't even follow through with that so I bet our cookie platters will be sparse this year. And I don't care-that is my Christmas gift to myself.

  3. I have one of those mixers forever but I know that it wont be used all the time so I just cant justify using it when I have my grandmoms.

    Way to go on the cars

  4. I wish I had one of those mixers. People always confuse me when they say CARS cars. That was never on my radar, so I am out of that loop. You did well on that sale!

    There is lots of stuff to get done before I have surgery next week, since I will have a useless arm. Or, that is what I hear about rotator cuff surgery. Part of what I must get done is sorting pre-bought, and sometimes pre-loved gifts. One box will go north and one will go south. Parents/my children will do the wrapping so I can get more in each $10.95 box.

  5. Jane-Thanks! Your poor snapdragons....

    SonyaAnn--You go girl!! I forgot about those elaborate cookie trays you give you. How about bribing me for my Seal of Approval by sending one of those trays my every other person in this state, I CAN be bought!lol

    Judy who found her UDY--I just can't see spending the money on that mixer now. I have 2 good hands and strength in my arms still, why do I need a machine to knead bread...I also have kids to do it for me when I wear out, right?lol

    PracticalP---When I hit grandma status, I'll make the parents do the wrapping too. That's just one of the perks of being Grandma, right? ;-)

  6. LOL! Love your take on the occupiers!
    And what do you mean appliances to dust off? Don't you just rinse it out before you need it that once a year like the 97% else of us do?

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