Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Things......More Gravy Talk and PW Fallout

I trotted over to the local Food Bank this morning as planned.
Of course, when I get there, there is a hearse pulled up to the back door where I needed to go. Did I ever mention that the FB here is located inside the local Methodist Church? lol

So I peek in the door to see if the FB is even open today, given that there is a funeral service going on inside. Not 10 feet away in the vestibule, the pastor was doing something with the casket before wheeling the departed one into the chapel.
I have great timing, don't I?

There was a new to me FB lady who came out and got the 4 bags. I told her it was 48 cans of gravy(no, I didn't make another gravy run that morning before I headed up).
She said, "Great! We won't put this away. We'll leave it out and we can put a can in each Thanksgiving Box!" I expressed pleasure to see that they hadn't made up/given out the Holiday food boxes yet, as I had hoped to get the gravy to them in time to be used for Turkey Day.
The FB lady went on to say that they have 83 boxes to pack.
Wow! Last time I was at the FB they were running about 50 clients a month. 83 families in my teeny tiny town is massive!

I told her that I only had 48 cans but if she'd like me to get 83 cans I would. She said that would be great if we had 1 can for each box.
So after I left, guess where I went??lol
I got 22 more cans and Saturday Hubs will assist me in getting the last 13 cans so I can drop them off on Monday, in time to pack into the boxes going out on Tuesday.

And as for my previous post of today......
The fallout from my ranting was felt immediately! Not 10 minutes after revealing I just don't get this whole Pioneer Woman fascination, I lost a Follower....ACK!!!
Thank you Follower, whoever you are have wounded me deeply.....or maybe not.....



  1. You are wonderful to keep going back and getting more gravy. Just thought that I would let you know, you are special.
    OK so BLAB-who were you talking about? It was killing me not to know. So spill it and give me the link so I can spy on them.

  2. LOL so you are now a gravy dealer?

    A really someone left you because of PW..really..really...blah let them go. You got us


  3. I know you have helped to make a lot of people's Thanksgiving a little better.

  4. It didn't offend me. I'm still here. :)! That is so generous of you to supply the gravy!! I know that people are hurting, and you've just inspired me to get some food to the foodbank today! :)!

  5. P.S.

    Move your followers to the top of you blog. It will give them more incentive to follow you. :)!

  6. Hi slugmama! I've seen your comments on so many of the blogs I read I thought I should finally add you to my blogroll! I don't watch any of those shows you've mentioned but now I am very CURIOUS! I'm missing me some good TV lol! Right now I'm kind of stuck on the gypsy bride show. Wow - are they for reals?? I think I've had enough of reality, I'm going back to fiction!
    And as my gramma always used to say "good grief, good gravy!"

  7. How nice of you to do that donation. :-)


  8. @Jane ...shhhhh dont mention gravy or she will run out and buy more. We may have to have a gravy intervention!

    But really sluggy you did a wonderful thing! Well except for pissing off some PW cult members and hooking Jane on reality tv. LOL


  9. SonyaAnn--Thank you for making me feel special. 8-) As for the Follower....I have NO Clue who left! But I am up 2 new Followers...maybe whining works as far as getting new

    Judy(or should I say "J"?)--Yes, I am the local Gravy dealer. Except I don't charge for does that just make me a Gravy Slut?lol
    And yes, I got all of y'all, and that makes my day!!

    Frances--I am glad to do what I can. And I am blessed to have cyber friends like you. 8-)

    Sharon--I am touched I inspired someone else to give. Thank you for caring! And do you really thing moving the button to the top will get more folks to follow?

    Jane--Thanks for visiting with me and for commenting. I have been lurking/reading you for awhile now, having seen your blog via other blogs. I'm not big on commenting but perhaps I will very soon. ;-)
    And that gypsy/traveler show is a HOOT! I confess I watched it too and would love more episodes....but don't tell anyone, ok?lol

    Precious--Thanks for visiting me. 8-)

    J--No gravy intervention necessary!lolol The sale is over, thank goodness because I am tired of buying it! I'll do a final gravy update later....after I watch the Sister Wives tonight. ;-)


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