Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walgreens Again....The Colgate Merry-Go-Round

You may remember my Walgreens post from earlier this week located Here, where I was fretting about buying the Colgate Visible White Toothpaste this week, since alot of RRs I was trying to roll from last week were $4.50RRs generated from a Colgate product back then.
Oh, how silly was I to worry about that!

Daughter needed to get out to purchase a Top-Up Card for her cell phone and the ONLY place she wishes to buy them is at WAGS, so I said, "Sure honey! I'll selflessly drive you over there to get your card.", as I rubbed my hands together with gleeful anticipation of some WAGS RR fun ahead.

I had read last night online at that the $4.50RR generated by the Colgate Visible White Toothpaste was truly ROLLING! So I planned to test it out in my local store.
My first pass through the register line and I had a Visible White Tpaste, a Right Guard Clinical Deo. & some filler Royal Gelatin boxes, so I could use 3 RRs-the $4.50 I got earlier in the week from buying the Visible White and a couple of $2RRs I wanted to roll.
I handed her the RRs after she rang up my 2 Qs and after looking at the $4.50RR, she said, "You CAN'T use this one!"
I said, "Why not?"
"Well, if you use it to buy this toothpaste, you won't get a RR back because it's a Colgate product.", she told me.
"That's ok....just use it.", I said, waving my hand like I didn't care. hehehe
"Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you!", she added.
She hits the button, the cash drawer opens up and the Cat machine starts spitting out 1 RR(for the Right Guard)and then #2 RR(for the Visible White).
The cashier's mouth dropped open and she just looked at me...."How did you do that?!?", said she.
I played dumb...."Gee, I don't know."
"You weren't suppose to get a RR. That never happened before. Maybe they changed the rules or sumthin....", she said, shaking her head.
I just smiled and went back to grab another tube of toothpaste and box of gelatin.
And each time I went to check-out with my toothpaste, gelatin, $4.50RR and .24¢, I got another $4.50RR. And the cashier just got more and more perplexed.
About the 6th pass through the line, I told her I saw online that for some reason, this product was spitting out RRs even when you used the same RR to pay.
She digested this information and then said, "Ok....but don't tell anyone working here. I get off in about an hour and I'm going to go get me some free toothpaste too!"
I leaned in and whispered, "Gotcha! I'll be sure and leave some boxes of it on the shelf for ya too."
And we laughed and shared a special moment..... ;-)
So what do you think? Did I get enough?

I also bought daughter a Frappaccino that isn't pictured. I didn't want too many but I only had bought 2 earlier in the week. Daughter urged me on too because she's getting her braces off next month and has this fear that she'll have stains on her teeth. She thinks she'll be needing this toothpaste to whiten them once the braces are off.

I'm too tired from today's excursions(including 2 trips to Price Chopper for more Unilever goodies)so I'll skip the 9 transaction breakdowns and just say that I spent a total of $2.43 on a Gift Card and got a $61.69 Value of Items, giving me a 96% Savings at Wags today.


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