Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Last Weekend's Ibotta Deals Haul & Donations

 I did some rebating last weekend...........

Everything included......

1 x Palmolive dish soap

1 x Ajax dish soap

1 x Pedialyte freezer pops

1 x Dove body wash

1 x Lysol laundry sanitizer

1 x Dove shampoo

2 x Softsoap body wash

1 x Safety dish soap*

1 x Siete refried beans

2 x Whole Blends shampoo*

1 x U panty liners

2 x Shine flavored water

4 x Lysol wipes travel size

1 x House of Autry breading mix*

1 x Band-Aid bandages*

1 x Mucinex DM

1 x Airborne

2 x Essential water 1 liters

1 x Durex condoms

5 x Lean Cuisines(not pictured)

1 x Canada Dry Fruit Splash 12 pack ginger ale(not pictured)

*Everything starred was on clearance as well.

Total for all came to $110.35 OOP after a BOGO hangtag Q for the Shine water.

Rebates received on all this......

Ibotta $41.00
Shopmium $26.00
Tada $11.06
Alexa $23.00
ShopKick 3,950 kicks($15.80)
Fetch 1,025 pts.($1.02)

$117.88 back when all is cashed in or a $7.53 money maker.  I used some overage to buy Hubs some almond milk(aka nut juice).
I bought stuff we can use or stuff I can donate.
And speaking of donating.........

I just got together a large donation for a local church's food/toiletry pantry and some of the above purchased items are included with stuff I culled from our pantry/supplies.....

The overflow that didn't fit in the photo above.......

I love that all that baby shampoo and stuff is next to a box of condoms. lolz



  1. I laughed so hard at your last
    Awesome deals!

  2. Replies
    1. Why not? People need to be safe, not get diseases from casual hook-ups and not everyone is ready to be a parent(ask me how I know). 8-)


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