Sunday, February 11, 2024

It's A Wonderful Day in The Neighberhood in Louisiana

I woke this morning to what sounded like someone throwing rocks at our house.
Got up and saw that we were having a big hailstorm with a side of thunder and lightning.
Oh Goody.
Link to video below...........

Hailstorms are something I've had little experience with.  In PA I think we got two of them in the 36 years we lived there.  But of course how could I forget that Epic Near Death Experience in 2017 up on the High Prairie in Idaho.

When the weather finally calmed down a bit Hubs went out on the back porch and snapped a picture of this big Mama Jama with his Croc next to it for scale........

I am surprised that we didn't get a tornado warning amidst all this crazy weather....but then again, it isn't tornado season yet.  That comes after the Rainy Season and before the Dry Season here.  

I texted my Daughter and she said the hail knocked out their internet.  Not surprising since they have a tall pole on the roof of their house so as to pick up an internet signal/connection so I am sure the Son in-law will be climbing up there to repair that today. 8-(

With all this new rain(and melted hailstones)Evelyn Egret will no doubt be back on Monday for another fishing expedition in "the river".



  1. Replies
    1. Some days I wonder that same thing. lol Moved here as our Daughter said she wanted us to be close by as we aged so she could "take care of us", only she has shown over the last almost 1.5 years that our idea of "taking care and supporting her parents" is very different than ours. She also said she was going to be trying to have a baby and she has produced excuse after excuse why she can't/now isn't the right time. Now they just adopted another cat(a kitten)so that's the reason du jour. Before that she had to find a OB/GYN that her insurance covered. She's getting up there in age and I think she just doesn't want to have to give up drinking every weekend. Whatever, I am done living my life waiting around for my kids to grow up.

  2. We had no warnings, but just listened to horrific rain with wind, watched lightning, and listened to thunder. Then, the weatherman just said because there is no tornado warning doesn't mean a tornado might not drop. Well, thanks a lot.
    Kids can be disappointing, that's for sure.


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