Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To-Do List....July Update

Let's peek at how July's To-Do List  went, shall we?

* Pay Bills  DONE  Everything got paid and on time.  I just don't want to even SEE August's credit card bill however. lolz

* Pack for Trip!  DONE  I am sure I overpacked but oh well.  Better too many clothes than not enough.

* Go on Trip  IN PROGRESS  Havign a wonderful time, wish y'all were here.  Seriously!  I need someone other than Hubs to talk to. lolz

* Plan CB's Fall Housing/Food  DONE  Housing is set(and much cheaper than the last 3 years)and we've got a plan for the foodstuffs.

* Mail Eldest's Birthday Present  DONE  I mailed it out so that he got it the day before his birthday.  I sent him some craft beer nuts and a Birthday check....plus a bag of Smarties as that was his favorite candy as a kid and I always send him those now.  8-)

* Read 1, 2, 3, 4 Books  PASS  I read 3 books.  Didn't get to the 4th book though as I didn't have enough reading time in the car as I thought I'd have.

This was a quick read.....a short novella of YA fiction.  Interesting.

This novel got finished on the road last week.  Funny and dark.

And I can't for the life of me remember the first book I finished in July way before we left on this road trip.  Being on the road for so long just does things to your brain.  I'll have to wait until we get home and then I can find the book and list it.

* Inventory Freezer  DONE  I pawed through and added to the list I made for Daughter when I went to VA in May(after crossing off what she/they cooked then).  The kids are well stocked plus I gave them cash for what they needed to buy.  It will be interesting to see once I get home what actually got used/spent.  I suspect there will have been many nights of Chinese take-out knowing my Daughter.  ;-)

* Repair LA House  IN PROGRESS  Like everything else in Louisiana, nobody down there does anything with ANY sense of urgency.  So dealing with Lowe's and their installer through our real estate agent is taking FOREVER!!!  Lots of phone tag and nobody but the realtor gets back to us.  Frustrating is an inadequate word for this process. ugh.  But we are working on it as we travel across the country and now back toward home.

* List LA House  DONE  The house is listed and on the market even though there is still work to be done on it.  Anybody seeing the house is told what we plan to fix/update and SOME DAY it might get finished.

* Transfer LA House Utilities  DONE  Again, it took FOREVER and a day to get the utilities in our name.  The water people cashed our check but still no word on whether they actually turns on the water.  Will have the realtor check next trip she makes to the house. ugh.

* Pick Up New Glasses  DONE

Here are my new "readers".  If you can't tell they are purple on the outer edges and clear toward the middle.
And here are my sunglasses.........

Again, purple frames, if you can't tell the color, as it was dark in the car.

Happy with what got done(or started)though it wasn't a very long list in July.
August's list will probably be just as brief.

What did you get accomplished in July?  Any big projects or just "regular life" stuff?
What didn't you get crossed off your list that you wished you had gotten finished?



  1. Where are your sexual assault glasses?

    1. Kim, What on earth are sexual assault glasses?

  2. So much didn't get crossed off my list, but then a lot of things did. I had hoped to lose 10 or 60 pounds in July but that didn't happen either.

  3. I am just too tired for my brain to function to remember what I did yesterday, much less last month. I love the glasses. I did get my teeth cleaned and a tooth filled.

  4. Your trip sounds amazing so far! And I feel certain you can finish those books. Tell the hubs to pretend he's alone in the car for a while... ;)

  5. You had a very productive July. Ours flew right by with having my granddaughter visiting and going to take care of her and my DIL for 8 days. August is flying just as fast.


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