Friday, August 4, 2017

Frugal Friday......the August 4th Edition

This one will be short as we are on vacation and my brain is sort of scattered with driving and moving around so much.....and being with the dynamo called KIM for the last 7 of 9 days of this road trip adventure. 8-)
There is no "we stayed home and didn't spend" type frugalness this week, sorry.

* We have been able, while traveling alone and staying in motels, to eat only two meals a day on some days.  We stay in motels that served "breakfast" so the cost of one of those two meals is rolled into the price you pay at the motel.  Although each motel has a different definition of "breakfast" so you never know how good or wretched that meal will be. lolz

* I asked Kim, the night before we left her house, to please print me out a coupon for Shopko(a smallish discount department store in her parts). We stopped before leaving Idaho so I could use it to get a few things.  I saved $10 on my $32 order that way and I now have 3 Christmas presents tucked away(well in the car trunk until we get home).

* Speaking of Kim, she took me up to her Rite-Aid to fill a prescription and we both got free or better-than-free light bulbs using the deal this week on GE products.

* Speaking of Rite-Aid, the ones in Idaho sell wine and beer.  I picked up a 6-pack of beer for my kids(both legal drinking age now)and since it was Rite-Aid I also got 20% off on the purchase.  I figured the 20% Wellness discount wouldn't work on liquor but I was wrong.  Go me!

* At one point traveling from Twin Falls to Ashton Idaho we made a stop for lunch with Kim and her Hubs Joel.  They chose Applebee's.  I brought along a gift card so we paid for all our meals and used that gift card which meant only $22+ OOP.  Woohoo!

* There have been so many souvenir temptations along the way.  Overall I have been pretty good about not overspending on them.  Places like Yellowstone Park and the place we were yesterday were fairly outrageous in their prices so I haven't bought much at the big sites/parks/museums.  My best souvenir scores have been at highway travel plaza stores. lolz  I have a soft spot this trip for t-shirts and books it seems.

* I haven't bought any groceries since I haven't been home and haven't been cooking at all!  I have bought some drinks for using while traveling however but that's a small cost compared to buying groceries at home.  At least I am picking up drinks by the 6 pack or at discount places(Big Lots/Walmart)instead of paying $1.89 or so at gas station convenience stores or even more at motel vending machines.

So what did you do that was frugal this week?



  1. I know what you mean about the hotel breakfasts. Some of them are a feast and some of them not so much, lol. I hope you are having a great time! It's nice not to have to be cooking every day. :)

  2. Packed a lunch every day this week, and only had 1 coffee meeting for only a $2.00 damage. Last week, was scary with three lunches out (meetings).I also have to redo my flex reimbursement for medical-apparently my receipts didn't have enough documentation. That's over $1,100 I'm due back.

  3. I bought things and got home and no longer want them, so instead of letting them lie around, I took them back and got my money while I still could locate the coupon. Some day, I lose the coupon or the item gets reduced, then I lose out on money if I take it back, so I keep it and make do with the item. I am on the ball this week with returns that are wrong. example--I bought a college-ruled notebook when I wanted wide-ruled. That goes back instead of struggling with the narrow lines.


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