Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Halfway Done!

Tomorrow we leave Kim's house and start the journey back East to PA.

We are at the halfway mark on this trip and I have to say, I am kinda tired.   And I am not the one doing all the driving(so far)!!

Being on the go-go-go every day(until today)for 2 weeks in this extreme(for me at least)heat has been sapping my energy.  I have tried not to let it make me less than charming company but it has been hard.

I sure wish the gods hadn't decided to make the latter part of July so warm wherever we've gone so far.  And it looks like the first part of August will be just as brutal as far as temperatures go.

It's 102F as I type this here in Idaho and we are "getting out of Dodge", as they say, just in time before it hits 106F later this week.

We've had some good times so far, even in the heat.....along with a near death experience. lolz

We'll mark another state off my "Never Been To" List tomorrow and then head back through Montana, before dropping back down into Wyoming for a couple of days and then off to another "first"-South Dakota.  The day after that North Dakota also gets crossed off that list as well.

In 6 days we'll be in MN to see SAM and the day after that, we'll be at Sonya Ann's place, then in OH 4 days later to see Chris and Rachel and home another 4 days after hitting OH.

I figure when I do finally get home, after doing a mountain of laundry and catching up on all my financial book work, I'll prolly sleep for a week!

Then the real fun beginnings.....editing photographs that will likely number about 2000+.  Gulp.

Then I have to blog about last August's trip before I can recount THIS Summer's crazy adventure.

And yes Anne, I have finally gotten to see the "infamous deck" and have photographic proof to share about it. lolz



  1. Hurry up and get home so we can read more about your trip!

  2. Say "hello" to Sonya Ann and tell her I miss her blog and her. This would have been the week to come to the South as we have had low humidity and low temps. All your teases make me anxious for you to get back and reveal all.

  3. Thank you! I was worried since the deck has not been mentioned. I am with Linda, when you visit Sonya Ann tell her we miss her musings!
    Btw tell Kim I am having houseguests in 2 weeks and am working like a fiend on things no one but me will ever notice, so I understand the deck obsession.

  4. Wow - the heat seems to follow you wherever you go! Have you considered Alaska? Say hello to Sonya Ann - we all would love an update from her :)

  5. Well, if you drive through Wall, SD be sure and stop at the famous Wall Drug! It's a shopping experience ;)

  6. Yes, tell Miss Sonya Ann we miss her tainted senese of humor!

  7. These will be memories that you will last a lifetime! I am with Anne and Linda-- tell Sonya Ann hello and that we all miss her and her blog! Hope she is well. I am looking forward to meeting up in couple weeks! :-)

  8. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. We are looking forward to your visit. I am tired just reading about all of your traveling.

  9. What an adventure!!! Can't wait to see all the pics. Enjoy the rest of your trip and give Sonya a hug from me.


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