Monday, August 7, 2017

This Week on the Dining Table

The  "Still Eating on the Road 2.0" Edition--

We stopped in Missoula MT on the way back to Idaho last week and went to one of Kim(sorry she was blurry but she never sits still!lol) and her Hubs' favorite eating places in that town.  That's a chicken fried steak that they shared for dinner.  The thing was HUGE!!! lolz  This should have been a prelude to the burger joint we went to two nights later.  They grow entrees large out here in the West.  ;-)

Moving On....

Onward to the meal planning!

Here's what was planned last week--

1. Sunday--an Elk Burger w/Fries
2. Monday--Home cooked meal by Kim's sister?
3. Tuesday--Effie Tavern burger(split 4 ways probably-I hear they are massive!)
4. Wednesday--Something on the road-Montana
5. Thursday--Ditto-Wyoming
6. Friday--Ditto-Wyoming
7. Saturday--Ditto-South Dakota

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--an Elk Burger w/Fries
2. Monday--Hamburgers, Corn, Jello w/Fruit Mold
3. Tuesday--1/2 an Effie Tavern burger(Hubs wouldn't share his WHOLE burger.....I still can't believe he ate that whole thing!lol)
4. Wednesday--Salad, Turkey and Dressing, Cranberry Relish(a late Lunch and we didn't have dinner)
5. Thursday--Salad, Pizza
6. Friday--Steak Fingers, French Fries(I ate about half of what I was served)
7. Saturday--Salad, Pizza again

Last week saw 1 nights of home cooked dinners, 0 nights of leftovers and 6 nights of Eating Out and all of it was done while on the road. 2 nights of salad and pizza, a day pizza for weeks on end at home and bam! Some places we've stayed at on the way back are in very small towns and there are not many choices for meals(Thursday and Friday).  4 days we didn't eat lunch(or ate a late lunch and no dinner)and one day I ate very little lunch(the night we had Effie burgers).

I made 0 trips to the Weis Markets or any other store at home but I did browse through Rite-Aid and Big Lots and Shopko in Idaho and bought drinks and some other foodstuffs to bring home which I will report on after we get home.

My savings percentages last week and for the month so-far?    No clue. 

Leftovers going into this week........again, no clue.  We don't have leftovers while traveling, we just have to dump or leave what we don't finish.  Two slices of pizza got left behind at one motel.

Here is this week's "food plan"....not that I am cooking any of it anyway. lol......

1. Sunday--Huhot 
2. Monday--Home cooked meal at SAM's house?
3. Tuesday--Something at Sonya Ann's house?
4. Wednesday--Ditto or Eating Out
5. Thursday--Ditto or Eating Out
6. Friday--Taking Hubs' sister out to eat
7. Saturday--Something in OH where we are staying

This week will see ? new meal cooked, 0 nights of leftovers and ? nights of Take-Out/Eating-Out.

What I need to buy for this menu?  Daughter will be grocery shopping for the next few weeks so it's not in my hands again this week.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. I am envying all the blogger face to face times you are having! I am going to have to plan a major car trip!

    1. Don't be too envious until you get the verdict on my "home cooking." It does sound like great fun.

    2. The blogger face to face time is one highlight of this trip.
      And SAM's skills in the kitchen were noteworthy, even for a humble home cooked meal. 8-)

  2. I, too, envy your meeting other bloggers. Will daughter give you any info you can track on meals cooked at home, leftovers eaten, etc.? I would have taken those two slices of pizza with me for a snack in the car.

    1. Daughter may or may not give me info this trip. It may be too long for her to remember what they ate and when for all of it plus she's been taking a Summer course and her mind is occupied with calculus(which doesn't come easy for her anymore).

  3. I have always wanted to go to Missoula, MT! I'm so jealous. That chicken fried steak is HUGE! I would have loved to have seen a photo of the huge burger. Hope you are having the time of your lives! Safe travels.

    1. The CFS was HUGH! And you'll see the big burgers too once I get a full report done at home.
      Missoula wasn't a great place to be when we were there due to multiple wildfires surrounding the town. I opened the car door at the motel and it smelled like the whole town was cooking BBQ! lolz A good smell at first but bad for breathing continuously.

  4. Missoula is still burning, and I was just there to share another cfs with two girlfriends from grade school and we could not finish it!


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