Thursday, October 11, 2012

It"s Time Again for Decluttering Porn!...Or Is It?

I have so been out of it the last few months.
So out of the mood for decluttering.
And I've neglected you dear readers so so badly with my lack of decluttering porn.

So without further ado...or is that adieu?......I bring you Porn for Hoarders!

 20 x New in the Box Cherished Teddies

 2 white plastic shelving units

 A crazy goose neck standing Lamp
 Daughter in background Not included.....though some days.......

A box of Power Rangers kid's bedding(sheets, comforters, etc.)

A box of teddy bears, an electrical cord for a light-up house thing, a souvenir hat, and a pile of sheets of stickers and Christmas hangtags.
Notice the Teletubbies Xmas tags.......have I mentioned my youngest child is 16 yet?
Yes, those are "vintage" Teletubbies

This is all I could muster up for this donation trip.
Pathetic, yes?

I began going through my wardrobe(such that it is!)this week to change out the Summer ware for the Fall and Winter ware too.
Usually when I do this change out, I get rid of at least a small trash bag full of old items that either don't fit/are worn out/or I just don't like and don't wear anymore.
Since I stopped compulsively buying new clothes every season change, like the average American woman does, about 5 years ago, it's become harder and harder to find things to send off to a new home(or the trash if it's worn out).  I have been careful about not buying unless something truly needs replacing, and I replace with 1, not 4 more of the same item....except for when I find shoes that actually fit me.
(I have a weird foot shape/size.)
I've gotten down to a smallish wardrobe that seems right for me and my wear patterns.

But this change out?
The thought of impending economic catastrophe was looming in the back of my head as I sat and gave clothing the thumbs up or thumbs down.
As I see inflation increasing almost weekly as I hit the grocery and drug stores(and the gas pump too), I am feeling more of a need to hang onto what I have suddenly.
It's not like I have large piles of extra of things(except for pasta and toiletries)like in the old days.  If I let go of a sweater, I am developing this fear inside that once the SHTF I will have to roll a wheelbarrow full of money down to any of the clothing stores here to purchase a new one.  And the new one is made of inferior material and put together shoddily 2 continents away and won't last me any time at all equal to the number of Washingtons I'd have to put up to acquire it.

Maybe I'll feel less fearful once the election is well over and what I think is going to happen hasn' least I can hope it's not going to come to pass, right?

I think for my sanity and peace of mind, I'll be holding onto my old clothes for a little while longer....just like I want to hang onto as much of my cash as I can for the time being.
So the only Decluttering Porn you'll continue to see here in the near future is of the useless crap kind.



  1. It's "ado" but "wear." LOL

    I feel like you. Hang onto some extra clothing. Gee, if we all starve to death, maybe I can wear some of the cute stuff that I outgrew! Clothing has to be indecent to wear in order for me to get rid of it. Or, it has to be terribly uncomfortable (not necessarily too tight, but itchy or binding).

    Actually, i have a horrible torn up tshirt and one sweatshirt in worse condition that I keep to color my hair.

    The last time I bought sandals I loved, I bought four pair because they were being discontinued. Before that I bought about six pair of Mary Janes that fit so well and were being discontinued.

    My feet are the Princess and the Pea feet. I hate the feel of most everything. I don't wear an unusual size--I just have standards dictated by my feet. Cute is not even a thought for me.

    I love the leaf background!

    1. Yah, the adieu thing was sarcasm, but I didn't realize I wrote ware and not wear. Or do I wear ceramic plates, in which case that would be

      I tend to buy up shoes as well since I have a hard time finding a good fit.
      I am also super picky about underwear but I have ALWAYS been that way with the undies. Actually, I preferred to go undie-less as a child. Drove my mother

  2. OMG! Let me say that again OMG! I too, am decluttering little by little and have had the same feelings as you. "The thought of impending economic catastrophe was looming in the back of my head" dead on what I was feeling when I was dejunking.
    I'm not saying that we are struggling but I feel the rope getting tighter.
    I don't want to argue with people but to be completely honest, I don't think it is going to get better anytime soon no matter who is elected. The debt is too deep and everything is in such a mess that it is just going to have to crash before we can see the upswing. I kind of wish it was all over and just let the other shoe drop so I can come up with a plan so our family survives.

    1. In a way, I wish the shoe would drop too.....but I fear when it does we will be so screwed it won't be funny.
      So we can both just go around a few more weeks/months flapping our wings yelling that the sky is falling, the sky is falling.
      Everybody can ignore us now, but when it comes to pass we can both say we told ya so!
      I don't know about you and Den but me and hubs are going gun shopping this weekend. Next stop is for ammo, solar panels, a water filtration system, and gold bars. ;-)

  3. You always get me with the porn..but its never Mark and he is never naked. That is just unfair!!!!

    I know what you are talking about with clothes though, even just my work scrubs have gone up about 30 percent for the quality ones(I buy ones that last forever) and this makes me nervous. I am already picking up clothes for the kids for Christmas especially son since he teaches and Boscovs always has Dockers at a good price.

    Oh and we still have and use those power ranger sheets lol. They were sons now they are my nephews

    1. Judy, I don't think I could respect Mark in the morning if I did see him in the

  4. Daughter not included. That made me chuckle! I too seek to replace wardrobe, not add to it. So if I buy something, something else has to go. Seems to work for me so far.

    1. 1 in, 1 out is a great policy for every"thing" you own.
      Except for money....I prefer 2 in, 1 out or greater in that case. lol

      Your sure you don't want the Daughter?
      She's available you know.....hard worker, great sense of humor, but she thinks very highly of herself. ;-)

  5. sluggy, how do you estimate the value of the items for tax purposes? i've been decluttering and donating also(and getting receipts) but don't know how to value the items for my taxes.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Dawn,
      Try going here.....

      It's a donation value guide for used goods. They give a range of values but it's up to you to figure out where your item falls on the range.
      If you donate new(as in never used, in the package, etc.)goods you can value them more than for the used things. I have fundraisers I donate to every year and give them new items. I'll keep my receipts from the stores to verify what I value those items at, as well as the receipt from the organization I donate them to.
      Hope this helps!

  6. Please tell whomever buys the gooseneck floor lamp that I have a ceiling fan that would work well with it. The can have it for the cost of shipping.

    1. Oh my! Maybe we need a picture of that ceiling fan....on second thought, maybe not..... ;-)

  7. I could sure use those plastic shelving units, to hold some of the stuff I really should be getting rid of instead ;-)

  8. I've got to declutter my garage. Still! fwiw, I believe most of the inflation we are seeing now points back to gas prices. Everything we buy gets to where it's sold via truck. I'm buying less for now and will consider my purchases in the future based on the price of a gallon of gas. My own wierd economic theory of coures.

  9. We don't have much clutter, but I did get rid of some clothes a few weeks ago. I had bought a few new items an ran out of hangers, so I freed some up.


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