Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's Have Some Fun Today!

First off, I am an equal opportunity "making fun at " person.
Here are a bunch of videos/clips parodying the current political scene.
It's all in good fun and to get you laughing for a change.

First off, the future of our country rests in the hands of people like this?  Please say it isn't so.......

Here's one of my son's favorites......he IS 16 you know so it's annoying as piss!lol....

Then there's this gem....

So much for objectivity in the media....

And here's an early song for Christmas.....

And before you watch the last video, go watch the original one first.  You need to know that Gungnam is a district of Seoul Korea that is like the US's Beverly Hills.  This context helps you enjoy the parody below it even more.......

Now go enjoy this one.....

Now I am off to go learn the Invisible Horse Dance....




  2. I am getting server errors showing your links -- but that could be my firewall. I'm just hoping you've included any of the political parodies by Bad Lip Reading!

    1. Nope....never heard of them. Went and looked, very funny! Loved the Newt

  3. Hey! trying to find out if Judy is back to blogging?

    1. Lee Ann,
      Look over on my side bar ---> to the Blog Roll, Judy is there under "When I Get Where I'm Going".

  4. Equal Opportunity Offender! lol Laughed so hard I think I might need some Depends! Oh the joys of being middle aged and having had children!


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