Monday, October 1, 2012

Judy's BACK & Precious is Still MIA!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to bring you breaking news......Judy is Back!

You can go find her here at When I Get Where I'm Going.
Tell her Sluggy sent ya! ;-)

In other news.....Precious's  Frugal Makes Cents blog is still showing that "Invited Readers Only" Message.  Has anyone gotten invited to read her blog and/or has anyone heard from her that she is ok?
We would appreciate knowing if you have, thanks!

Now I need to go outside and wrestle with a massive green bean vine or seven!  The vine is done producing beans so it's time to tear it out before it starts decaying and kills my allergies.(I am allergic to dead leaves.)
Then there are Rite-Aids to pillage........*sigh* work is never done. ;-)

I might or might not be back later with my Meal Planning Post today.
If not then I'll get it up on Tuesday.

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway HERE.  You can enter it daily until it closes on Sunday, October 7th at 11:59pm.  There are $50+ worth of toiletry products in there so get going!!  You gotta be IN IT to WIN IT.  ;-)



  1. I am totally curious as to what has happened to Precious. She seemed to have a rapport with all her followers and it seems strange that she would not inform people that she was taking her blog private. I hope she is okay.

    1. Theresa,
      She did this once before just after the beginning of the year. She announced she was closing down the blog and it went private. She opened it back up eventually, but this time, she didn't make an announcement....that is why I am worried.

    2. I worry for the same reason and if i recall she had heart issues???

  2. Not sure about Precious... but thanks for finding Judy again!

  3. Any word on this yet? I faithfully read precious' blog and miss her posts.


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