Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I Like Gary Johnson

If you've been listening only to the national US Media outlets you have probably not heard that Gov. Gary Johnson is running for President this election cycle along with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Jill Stein of the Green Party is also a national candidate for President, as is Virgil Goode of the Conservative Party. 

Gary Johnson will possibly be on all 50 state's ballots as a choice(as well as the District of Columbia) and at LEAST 48 state's ballots, if the litigation to keep him off the ballot by the Republican Party in 2 states is successful.  He is being challenged in Michigan and Oklahoma by those state's Republican Parties because the Republican Party is scared of losing too many votes to him.  Isn't it nice how the Reps and Dems use the very deep pockets of their national committees to pay lawyers to challenge and exclude viable candidates of other parties off state ballots?

The Democrat National Committee and the Republican National Committee have succeeded so far in keeping Gov. Johnson out of the Presidential Debates, which are controlled by a private corporation founded and staffed by ex-DNC and ex-RNC executives.
The last thing THEY want is an opposing voice in the debates and competition for votes at the polls on November 6th.
We live in a Political Duopoly folks.  The RNC and DNC control the process and limit your choice of who you can vote for in ALL elections in any way they can.  One way is by controlling the media and keeping it from informing the public about having a choice OTHER than Romney or Obama.

Anyway, I digress.....

This post is about Why I Like Gary Johnson and Why I'd Prefer to See Him as President of the U.S. over either "Obamney" candidate. ;-)

1--Gary Johnson is NOT a career politician.  He is an "Outsider".
I agree with the Founding Fathers, in that they did NOT feel our government should be staffed by men who spent their working lives employed as politicians in Washington DC.  No, look back, waaaay back into our history.  Our government use to be staffed with regular men who took time off from their lives and occupation to serve and then left and went back to their 'regular lives'.  Granted, many of those men were LAWYERS in regular life(and none of them were FEMALE), but that's a rant for another time. ;-)
Now we only have career politicians who are rich, because you can't get elected to office in this country anymore unless you have a millionaire's volume of money to run a campaign.  It's VERY easy to exclude anyone without vast financial resources out of politics nowadays.  No wonder the only people who seek/attain high government office are among the 1% in this country!  This is NOT representative of the bulk of our citizens.

Did you know every face on Mt. Rushmore was a political outsider when they ran for President?  So don't think someone who isn't part of the "current" establishment CAN'T run this country.....they have run, they have won and they have done a good job!

Gary was a small business owner.  He served 2 terms as Governor of New Mexico, then he left and went back to his life.  He is running for President because he feels he is called to do so and there is a need for our country to go in a new direction.
Every time the media runs a poll about limiting political terms,  the majority of the public thinks it's a very good idea.  So why do these same polled people keep voting in the same old politicians and parties every election?  You tell me because it boggles my mind!

I know Ross Perot ran as an outsider, non-politician in 1992.....because I voted for him go ahead and blame Clinton on me. lol   Ross Perot has some good ideas but he wasn't "Presidential" material in my book.  He was a genius business man but he lacked political depth.   Plus his running mate, Gen. Stockdale, was akin to Joe Biden.....someone who was clueless about politics and someone NOBODY wanted to see ascending to the Presidency in a crisis!

2--Gary Johnson has climbed Mt. Everest.   Actually I don't care that he's climbed a mountain.//except that it's a metaphor for living your life and not backing down from challenges.
 He's also run Iron Man marathons and other athletic pursuits.  It just shows that there are other sides to him, like you and me.  He's not "just" a politician and it's not the only thing in his life.  Plus he's pretty hot for a man of his age...have you seen him in a pair of bike shorts yet?  ;-)

3--Gary Johnson is fiscally conservative and wants to keep the Government out of your wallet.  He is for smaller government.  Less bureaucracy....less LAYERS of bureaucracy that adds to your tax bill but doesn't make any programs you pay for operate any better.  Plus he believes the government(your tax money)shouldn't be funding certain programs.
Neither Dem or Rep Candidate wants smaller government.  Both are all about big government spending....they just want to spend YOUR money on different things or in different ways, but they still want as much of your money as they can possibly get their hands on.

4--Gary Johnson is socially accepting and wants to keep the Government our of your bedroom.  He is far and away more tolerant and socially accepting than the Dems and their candidate.  Don't agree, go check out the Dems record on civil liberties.  Johnson wants LGBT citizens to enjoy the same rights as Hetero citizens.  He wants to end the War on Drugs, end the current debacle of Immigration Policy, repeal of the Patriot Act and end the Police State that our Government has created.  Those drones being used in Afghanistan?  Wanna bet they'll be coming to YOUR neighborhood in the near future to spy on you as part of the excuse that it's part of the Government's War on Terror/Homeland Security?

5--Gary Johnson is going to work to force the Government to balance the budget.  We are on our way to an economic collapse if things keep going as they are now.  Gary Johnson vetoed more Government spending bills in 2 terms than every other Governor in this country combined did!  750 line item vetoes.  He's serious about cutting the waste in's not just lip service.

6--Gary Johnson advocates for the elimination of the IRS and the Federal Tax System.  He plans to replace it with the Fair Tax System.  Think about having your ENTIRE paycheck instead of what you get after the Government gets it's hands on your wages!  Think about a tax system without all the loopholes for special interest groups both private and corporate.  Think about a tax system that will essentially hand a pink slip to the Washington DC lobbyists culture. Think about a tax system that can fully fund necessary social programs and cost the working man and woman less and doesn't take from both the front end of your wages AND the back end.
I'm going to do a post on the FAIR TAX soon but until then, if you want to read up on it, go HERE.

7--Gary Johnson will demand that the FEDERAL RESERVE be audited.  Did you know that our money is NOT printed by our government, that instead it is printed by a privately held bank?  The Fed is NOT a governmental agency, it is a private bank doing business with the Federal government.  Did you know no one is allowed to see the books of the Fed outside of the board of directors?  So our country is beholdened to a private, secretive company but has little control over it?
It's all more complicated than this but basically Money is created in a Closed Loop system and is loaned to the Government which has to pay interest on this money to the privately held banks.  The interest is paid by us taxpayers in more taxes.   Between the Government debt and our debt, the bankers are raking in the wealth and we all get poorer and poorer and our government goes further into debt.  Go check on one of the many Youtube videos explaining our banking system and try NOT to panic!

8--Gary Johnson has serious experience running things.  Not only did he grow and run a successful contractor business, but he successfully ran the state of New Mexico for 8 years and left office more popular then he was when he began.  He also left the state with better better bottom line, a greatly improved infrustructure and more efficient state programs and bureaucracy.  And he did this all without raising taxes OR laying off state workers.
Governors historically have made some of the best Presidents in this country.  The skill set a governor needs is similar to that of what a president needs. We need to start looking closer at state Governors as potential Presidential candidates!  A good Governor possesses the leadership to be a Statesman and the business acumen to oversee and run our country like a successful business.

9--Gary Johnson believes in a smaller presence outside of our borders.  No more occupying foreign lands indefinitely and jumping into wars outside of our shores.  Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home NOW!  Stop perpetuating the US Military Complex and spending enough on war and rebuilding countries we destroy, when we could take that same amount of money and feed every single person in American, every day.  Why do we have enemies all over the world?  Because we have become the world's bully in the guise of friendship and help.  We always know what's best for everyone....just like our European forefathers knew what was best for the native peoples in America.  And you all know how it turned out for the Native Americas in that contest!

10--Gary Johnson wants to end the War on Drugs.  It's been a disaster and a failure.  All that money wasted on nonsense.  Didn't we learn anything from Prohibition in the 1920's?  Look at what making alcohol illegal did for us......caused a rise in the Mafia in this country and untold deaths from unsafe bootlegged booze.  Legalize marijuana and control it like those other drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  This would make it safer for the general public and get it out of the hands of organized crime elements.  Not to mention being able to grow hemp in this country.  This cash crop with many applications has been banned in this country for decades due to the DEA's zero tolerance for any product related to Cannabis(and the Wood Pulp lobby which is scared of some competition).  We are missing an opportunity to grow our hemp economy both at home and on the world stage due to this crazy policy stance by our government.

11--Gary Johnson believes in truly Free Markets.  Before you tell me we live in a society/country with Free Markets I will tell you that what you think is a Free Market is not.  We live in a country of Crony Capitalism.  There is no real open market of goods and services.  We are led to believe it is, but we are spoon fed only what the "Powers That Be" want us to choices.  Especially when it comes to political choices in elected leaders, like Presidents and Congress persons.
A truly Free Market will give rise to true price competition which will drive prices down.  Imagine having medical service's costs advertised and being able to comparison shop for medical services.  Did you know that 150 yrs or so ago we DID have this kind of competition and free market?!  Back before we had a third party(insurance companies) involved in the exchange of services between provider(doctor) and customer(patient) which led to prices charged skyrocketing. 

                                This photo and caption is for SonyaAnn......lolz

12--Gary Johnson makes common sense.  Go ahead.....go listen to Johnson.  Google his name or search on it on YouTube.  Go HERE.  Then go listen to Romney and Obama.  Then tell me which one makes more sense.....which one actually SAYS something you understand and believe in and isn't just "talking the talk" to get elected.

Feel free to agree with me or not.  I'm just trying to get people to wake up and THINK about the choices they make next month when they vote.  Do some research and look at the candidates' track records.
An informed decision is the best decision.


"Live Free!"


  1. :) I can't vote for him. Unfortunately I'm as socially conservative as they come. I'm happy with my choice. You and I will be cancelling each others votes out Chicky!!!

    1. Actually we won't cancel each other out directly since we aren't both in that's good for both of us, right?lol

  2. Funny Will and I were just discussing him last night. Lets just say our votes wont cancel out each other

  3. Sluggy, Sluggy, Sluggy,
    You know better. You lost me at " bike shorts."

    Thanks for Clinton!

    Ross Perot could have learned politics!

    I am socially liberal, so Romney does not suit me at all. Despite Biden's antics last night and despite the serious tone of Ryan, Biden's take on his religion appeals to me. I am tired of people assuming because people do not talk about their religion all the time, or do not appeal to God as the answer, or are not religious, or are atheists, that the people have no moral compass.

    I do not think we should downsize the military forces or bases in other countries. However, I really don't want another war like Vietnam or Afghanistan or Iraq. Some countries have been fighting for millenia, so let them just have at it.

    However, that leaves women and girls to be brutalized and denied medical care and eduction. Obviously, fighting for their human rights is not working. As soon as we withdraw, they will all suffer brutalites again. What do you recommend as a solution?

    I would be willing to withstand hardships to be free of Middle East oil. Rationing would suit me just fine. Actually, maybe we would all learn to make do and quit throwing out perfectly good stuff if we had to. Of course, business would not like that.

    By the way, if anyone thinks that freedom or fairness or the good of the people of this country is what runs Washington, you are dead wrong. Business makes all the decisions, whether we like it or not.

    We should be armed to the teeth, militarily. We should quit fighting wars unless someone attacks us or our allies--Canada, UK, and Australia. (Yes, we do have more allies) If anyone thinks China and Russia have reformed, you are sadly mistaken. They are our greatest enemies rigiht now, even if we all smile and play nice at the moment. Plus, N Korea is itching to rumble.

    Yes, I knew that about the Federal Reserve. Why are they called "Federal" if they are private?

    As for Gary Johnson, your blog is the only place I have seen his name that I can remember. He seems qualified since all Presidents have advisors on foreign affairs. Maybe Ross Perot could back him?

    1. Well I can't address all your points but here are a few thoughts....

      *Both major parties are about big government and that includes military spending. Yes, we need a top notch standing army for defense only please. We can't control the world(nor should we)and we can't keep mortal life-long enemies from doing each other in. Getting between them just makes US the target and costs billions and incalculable costs in the lives of our young people.

      *While I personally believe that less of a consumer culture is good for us as individuals, I am fully aware that the engines that makes our country run is industry and the selling of said goods.
      If you get people to buy less and be more of a steward of what they have, that negatively affects our consumer driven economy and more jobs are lost, thus making more people unable to afford to buy the products that we need to sell to keep the economy going. There has to be a way to balance and/or change the focus of our economy w/out abandoning it altogether and give the govt. total control. It's a conundrum that smarter minds than mine(smarter minds who don't have $$ or power to gain from the solution)need to work on.

      *Perot knew enough for the time. He was the spearhead of the 1st great modern movement to get the entrenched career politicians out. He drew votes from the Repubs when he should have drawn them from the Dems but he had NO social issues policies, so from the Repubs he took votes. Clinton, being a moderate Dem drew Repubs from the GOP as well as his base Dem voter base.
      Had the Reform Party been more rounded in philosophy and principles and had the Dem candidate been more left wing, we might be talking about our 42nd President, Ross Perot....Clinton would have been 43rd and still President, just 4 years later, as I don't see how Perot could have retained the job at reelection time.

      * The "Federal" Reserve bank decided to use that name just so it sounded like an extension of the Government...and that's what they pretend to be to this day. My short answer is that the Fed is a private banking cartel masquerading as a governmental agency who's main purpose is to devalue our currency, destroy the wealth held by the American people and keep our government under an ever expanding amount of debt. Jefferson and Madison, as well as Jackson knew that a central bank was bad news and took steps to not renew it's charter back in the 1700's and early 1800's. We got along fine for about 100 yrs without one, until the 20th century. Today's Fed began as a response to a banking crisis in 1907. Thank you for nothing Woodrow Wilson, for stepping in and making a correction that, if you would have just let it right itself, we wouldn't have the mess we call the Fed today.
      * Want to learn more about Gary and other non-Rep/Dem candidates?
      Gary will be debating Jill Stein, Green Party candidate on Oct. 18th at 7pm ET on

      On Oct. 23rd, 8pm CT, there will be an online debt between the 4 Third Party candidates running this election cycle that aren't Dems or Reps.(Green, Constitution, Justice and Libertarian parties).
      Check it out here....

  4. I try not to engage in partisan discussions in the blogosphere but kudos for a well-written post. And thanks for participating in the process by advocating a position by (mostly) supporting someone rather than entiely attacking the opponents.

    I'm delighted to thank you for your contribution to Clinton's election. Surprised to hear of your support for Perot since he was on the opposite side of so many of the issues you cite as reasons you like Johnson. (I volunterred at a community center when I lived in the Detroit area and we had special support groups for EDS employees.) In any case; thanks!

    Johnson is on the ballot in Arizona so if there was an RNC challenge here it was unsuccessful. I think the AZ courts are too busy wading through the (still pending) 'birther' litigation to remove the President from the ballot.

    In any case, I can't cast my vote for Mr Johnson but I would be delighted if he pulls at least as many vote from Gov. Romney as the Green Party will pull from the President.
    I have no illusions about the outsome in redder than red AZ but it will at least make it a more interesting day for those of us working at the polls.

    1. Actually Perot and Johnson intersect on a few. Perot had essentially no social platform really but I liked him on the fiscal stuff....the federal deficit, national debt, government reform issues (term limits and campaign finance reform)and lobbying reform reform.
      I don't agree with his foreign trade NAFTA position as it's not Free Market but back in '92 I was knee deep in diapers and baby brain and didn't an extra brain cell to consider anything else. I have claimed to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal for years though and I am glad there is FINALLY someone who really is "all that".
      I think you might be surprised by how many votes Mr. Johnson pulls from Mr. Obama, especially in the younger voter strata. All those "hope and changers" from 4 years ago who took out massive student loans and now can't get a job in this economy aren't feeling the love for the "Potus" they once held. After getting that first Loan is due coupon this Fall, their hope is gone and the only change is in their pockets. lol
      I hold great hope but for the next generation to right this political ship of ours. But if my 21 yr. old son is correct, and his generation is still lackluster in their wanting to be an active part of the political process, well then my friend, we are doomed.....

  5. Sluggy

    We live in PA as well. We at our house have had more calls from Obama's campaign. I have been asked my sticking points this is what I say:

    The NATIONAL DEBT is huge, balance the budget for goodness sakes, the economy---we live on 1 income and my DH makes less now than 4 years ago, health insurance premiums have skyrocketed, my children's school funding has been cut b/c we live in an affluent area (they base grant money for aides upon the low/free lunch applications which we don't have many of) so now my daughter who has a reading disability doesn't have the extra help she needs, gas prices are through the roof, and don't get me started on the way the government regulates food MASS production, etc.,etc.,
    I went on and the guy said "thanks for your honesty!" I figured he did ask and it was a good 45 minute rant!
    My dear hubs and I were saying the other night we want a normal guy who buys groceries and pumps his own gas and knows the struggles of daily life!

    I too have not heard of Johnson but he may getting my vote after some more research!!

    BTW why is it only Mitt and Barack on the debates? I remember as a kid there use to be all candidates from all parties!!

    Thanks for the eye opener!

    1. Hi Monique,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Oh I love how you ranted to a pollster. LOL I usually just hang up on them when they tell me I have 3 options to answer-Dem, Rep or Undecided. I am most DEFINITELY decided and it ain't Dem or Rep!lolol

      Not that your phone rant will do any good(other than for your mental health)but man!, that pollster will have a "war story" to tell back at the headquarters, huh?lol

      Because of the massive amounts of $$ our YEARS long campaign process requires, we will NEVER get a "regular guy" to run for the office. So sad and so NOT what the founders wanted for our country.
      As Gore Vidal said....""Every four years the naive half who vote are encouraged to believe that if we can elect a really nice man or woman President everything will be all right. But it won't be. Any individual who is able to raise $25 million to be considered presidential is not going to be much use to the people at large. He will represent oil, or aerospace, or banking, or whatever moneyed entities are paying for him. Certainly he will never represent the people of the country, and they know it. Hence, the sense of despair throughout the land as incomes fall, businesses fail and there is no redress."
      I think Gary or another 3rd party candidate is as close to a "regular person" as we'll ever get in our generation.

      I am an old suspicious woman who's seen it all before. But even I have some hope that Gary Johnson is different. He has a track record as Governor of NM that you can check out here....
      And here is the Libertarian Platform...

      Glad I could get you thinking! We all have to wake up and stop just voting the way our parents, our family, our spouses, our unions, our party votes. Take back your country!!

    2. RE:The debates. They are run by the Commission on Presidential Debates(the CPD)now. This is a private corp. staffed by highly placed ex-Dem. National Committee and ex-Rep. National Committee members. It is set up as a 501(c) charitable organization. They basically create rules to keep all candidates that aren't Dem or Rep locked out of this debate platform. It's backdoor dirty politics.
      They use a polling % to get in...however they don't disclose what polling companies or how these polls are collected/analyzed to spit out a candidates % number, so they can skew any candidates % to be under the min. level they call for. It's been found that these phone polls they do to collect data don't even INCLUDE a candidate other than a Dem or Rep. It's just so obviously corrupt you have to smash yourself in the head sometimes.
      The CPD also makes contracts with the 2 candidates limiting what they can say/what questions they can answer, etc. They exclude participation by audience members as well so no Town Hall style debates. They even keep political persons they don't like out of the debate hall. Seriously, Ralph Nader was invited last election cycle to sit in the audience and observe and the security detail was instructed not to let him in the door.
      It would be funny if the whole process was not so corrupt.
      The CPD 'show' is not a's a press conference and just a big piece of Statism.


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