Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have It Your Way?

Since I don't have to think for myself anymore when it comes to the big choices(thank you Democraps and Repugnicans), I will now worry abut what I CAN control in my life.

Yesterday while I was out "not-so-much pillaging Rite-Aid",  I stopped in at Burger King to pick up #2 Son something to hold him over until after Marching Band Practice.   I also got myself a Whopper Jr(no cheese ever!).
Have you SEEN how small the Whopper Jr. has become?  Can I borrow a line from Seinfeld and say Major Shrinkage??

But's what I found when I took the top of of my bun......not the misshaped fake tomato in the middle, but around the perimeter.....

No actual onion on the interior of my sandwich, just along the edge!

Here is a close-up......

                                           And here it is laid on the top of my sandwich.....


Seriously Burger King?   Seriously?!?



  1. LOL! I love Whopper Jrs, but I'm always picking off onions b/c they put too many on for my taste!

    1. Anon-There never seems to be a happy medium for me at BK. If I don't say anything they but way too much onion on....if I request ez on the onions they put basically no onion on at all! So I am resigned to not requesting and picking off a lb. or 2 of

  2. lol!lol! Some kid probably put that together and then just LAUGHED while he wrapped it up...

    1. I don't think your DAD works at my

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    1. funny and sad....sums up my life, right?lol

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    1. Why thank you Tanner....*sluggy bats her eyes furtively*....

  5. I thought this was interesting (and very telling about how supersized we have become in America):

    McDonalds in the 1950s when the only burger on their menu was what is now considered their small hamburger that has a 1.6 ounce beef patty and is now mostly sold to children as part of a Happy Meal. In the 1950s the only size of french fries McDonalds offered is what is now the small size. The only size soda that McDonalds offered in the 1950s was 7 ounces - verses 12 ounces today for their small size and 32 ounces for the large.,80198,80198

  6. I went to Walmart today and everything was teensy tiny. The soft soap looks like a miniature. At another store the 8 oz Kraft Cheddar Chunk Medium Cheese was 7 oz AND costs more than 8 oz did last week! What a ripoff. The high prices from the drought have hit! I eat too much cheese anyway and am fat, so maybe less cheese in my life will be good for having more money and less weight.


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