Monday, October 8, 2012

Food Spending OCTOBER Week 1, Meal Planning Week 2


Another Food Waste Poster from the US Food Administration during World War I


I never got around to posting a plan so here is what actually got served last least what little I can remember of last week.....

Sunday--Fish Fry, Chips(as in Fries), Green Beans
Monday--Meatball Subs(homemade)
Tuesday--"BRINNER" This is breakfast for dinner--hash browns, sausage, pancakes, eggs were the options.
Thursday--Corned Beef & Cabbage
Friday--Pizza(I had a gift card)
Saturday--Subway sandwiches

Not a very well-rounded diet last week.  I did dine on spinach salad for lunches myself(we won't talk about the can of ravioli that one day though).  Lunches for the others?'d have to ask them. lol

We did finish up the meatballs, spaghetti and the quiche leftovers from the week before.

The weekly food spending was  a whopping $202.06!  This included reg. purchases, Daughter's spending for work lunches, some stocking up at Weis(pound-me-in-the-ass)Markets and at Big Lots.(More on that later.).
I bought 3.3lbs. of Salmon at Weis,($5.99 lb.) as well as 4 qts. of Greek Yogurt(Cabot for $3 qt.), 8 blocks of Cream Cheese(Weis brand 4 for $5.00), 11 bottles of Ocean Spray Cranberry 100% Juice($2 ea.).  I also did the Buy 10 GG/BC/ assorted brand Items, Get $4 Off Deal.  Not a great deal but I bought the items on sale and used coupons(many of which doubled to $1).  I also did the Pepsico Catalina Deal(Spend $25/Get $5 Cat Q).  Unfortunately the Cat Deals at Weis now are based on Sale price, not Shelf price, so these aren't lucrative as they once were.  But I wanted to get #2 son stocked on junk food so I don't need to buy anymore until next year!lol  As part of that deal I bought 2 x 12 packs of Lipton Tea...they were on sale 2 for $10, I used a $1/2 ManuQ AND I'll get $5 back in my Saving Star account, so in the end the tea got my almost halfway to the $25 I had to spend and the tea ends up costing $4 for both packs.(Word is that SS is taking away the total spend of any coupons so I might have to buy $1 more in Lipton tea to get my $5 back.)

And did I mention that the Catalina Q didn't print?!?!....YET AGAIN even though I was well over the $25 amount?!?!
It just seems to me that not only are the Catalina deals worse(if you can find one!)but a PITA since they never seem to work right around here.....AND I have commented before that they seem to only run them this past year or so for the most processed crap there is!  They use to have a nice mix of items to select from to fulfill these Catalinas so that you could opt for the better, less processed products....Like instead of boxed cookie mixes and Pizza rolls you could get flour instead, or evaporated milk instead of hot chocolate mix, etc.  I use to get some better items and some junky items(at the request of the kids), but more and more I find the only items they offer in these deals are junk and my food bill seems much higher when I do them...even with the Catalina figured in at the end.

I've spent $202.06 of my $400 monthly food budget so far this month and I am not too happy about it overall.

I am going into the new week with these leftovers......Corned Beef and Cabbage.  That is it!


This week's menu.....
Sunday--Salmon, Asparagus, Coconut Milk
Monday--Hot Dogs, Corn, Beans
Tuesday--Tuna Helper, Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday--Chicken Parmesan, Caesar Salad
Thursday--Tacos Salad
Friday--Rigatoni w/Sauce, Veg. TBD
What I need to buy this week to serve this menu?.....Lettuce.   We need some fruit this week.  I'll try for $10 or less in food spending this week.
Wish me

So what are you cooking at your house this week?



  1. I can't imagine what we'd be spending if we had kids. Gees!

  2. Alex,
    It's bad...I opt for higher quality and/or more local in meats/fish and when I buy fresh produce(which can be higher cost), but the junk food they request is what does me in. I've cut way back on the junk overall but I can't wean them at this advanced age off of the stuff totally without having a very hostile home
    So I do what I can.

    And I expect the inflation to kick in BIG TIME once the election is over. The Politicos are holding it together like that until after we go vote them in again and then WHAM!....the COL will start ratcheting up at a good clip. Mark my words!
    And by Politicos I mean BOTH parties....

  3. "Unfortunately the Cat Deals at Weis now are based on Sale price, not Shelf price, so these aren't lucrative as they once were."-Amen! Jewel pulled this crap and it ain't fun.
    And I'm so with you on the inflation. I have a bad feeling that when the election is over all hell is going to break loose. Like nothing that we have seen before.

  4. Can I come live at your house?

  5. Our grocery bills have gone up a lot lately. But we are really stocked up, so maybe we can cut back for the next month.


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