Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eat Fresh! But Don't YOU DARE Save Money Doing It!

I want to get some other folks thoughts on an issue Hubs and I can't seem to see eye-to-eye on.

Subway is currently running a "special" this month.
A 6" Meatball or Combo Sub is $2.

When we get Subway, #2 Son always gets a Meatball Sub.
He will eat 1 12" or 2 6" subs worth.

So we went to Subway to get some subs to take home for dinner the other night.
I tell Hubs to get #2 Son 2 6" subs, so we pay $4.  If they make it as 1 12" sub, it's the regular price of $5.
We save $1 on his meal if we purchase it as 2 6" subs.

Hubs says that no, if he wants 12" of sub, he'll buy 1 footlong sub and not 2 6" subs.
He's spending an extra $1 on this when he doesn't have to......and he REFUSES to do it my way and save that $1.
It is driving me insane!

Why is he so bull headed?  It's not like I am asking him to use a coupon or do anything dodgy or illegal!

I know we won't starve for want of him spending that extra $1 on the sub(s) but why spend it when you don't have to?!

You do stuff like this....spend unnecessary money when you don't have to......and it adds up, right?
It just goes against every frugal fiber in my being.

I think he'd better off saving that $1 because the alternative is spending many more dollars than that when he has to pay for additional blood pressure medication for me because he is making it shoot into the stratosphere, he is!

I guess I could go start drinking heavily instead of getting annoyed to no end.

So how about you?
What side of this globally important issue do you come down on?

*Would you buy 2 smaller subs and save that buck?

*Or would you be so inflexible and stick to the way you always buy the sub, as a footlong and go ahead and waste money by staying with how you have always done it in the past?

As you can see from how I worded this question, I harbor no bias toward either side of this issue.....*snort*....



  1. Honestly...I read "we went to Subway the other night"... so if you are like me, YOU go and make the purchases that save the money. I am married almost 30 years. When my DB controls, makes some decisions, or even handles the bills....our savings flatlines. So, I understand. My husband is the same way in that he'd possibly say: "it's only 1 dollar!". So....I've learned NOT to share deals and get them myself! ;o) A small price to pay (no pun intended) of knowing your mate and since this instance is bothering you this much...hindsight says next deal you hush on and get it by yourself. You will feel better. In the meantime, just let this go and remember it as a lesson. I understand. It isn't the dollar. It's the mindset. Trust me.

  2. Duh!! 2 6" subs!!

  3. I like the way you put doing something dodgy or illegal on the same plane as buying two to save $1 IN YOUR HUSBAND"S EYES. Of course,

    When I go to Hardees to buy a sausage/biscuit, they sometimes have sausage/egg/biscuit cheaper than plain sausage/biscuit. So, I order sausage/egg/biscuit/no/egg. That confuses the order taker and the person at the wiwdow where I pick it up. At the counter, the confusion extends to more workers. I can save a whole 20 cents! when there is a special. One manager said, "Oh, no use waiting for that special order, just take the sausage biscuit!

    So, when/if you tell him this story, he will just think you hang out with kooks.

    Of course, I would buy two to save $1. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

    I don't have my glasses on, so cannot see if I type correctly. Hopefully, this is not all gibberish.

  4. lol! I guess I didn't even realize they had a special going on... Gotta get me over there sometime soon!

  5. I'd buy the 2 6" inch subs and be annoyed to no end, just like you, if hubs bought the foot long :)

  6. We'd get the two subs. My guy gets this stuff. But then again, neither of us are particularly fond of Subway. But when you used to be able to get dollar whopper juniors at BK and a single whopper was three bucks, he sure as hell was willing to order the juniors. He trains well....

  7. Subway cuts the 12" sub in half anyway, so why would your husband pay them an extra $1.00?

  8. Seems like a no brainer to me... I'll keep my dollar and take the two six inch subs any day.
    By the way, did you ever find out what happened to Precious?

  9. My hubby would do the same thing, we won't eat at Subway because twice bad subway sandwiches got on the fire line. Have you ever been out with a crew of prisoners all armed with chainsaws and hoe dags that had food poisoning from bad sandwiches? Talk about flies... hubby has had this happen twice. Not fun he hiked one crew down to a river and they all sat in it until a helicopter could get them out!

  10. I would save my $1. But I could see Den doing that too!


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