Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday Rite-Aid Trip

Since I got use of my car back, I hiked up to Rite-Aid to see what was left to buy.

Now I want to prepare y'all before I start.
Please sit down so I can tell you......I actually spent money yesterday!
LOTS OF MONEY.......ugh

Since the +Up Rewards can't be used immediately anymore and you have to wait until the following day to use today's I only have 3 days to earn and roll the ones for this week.
Kind of sucks for me, but whatever....

So I have to compress all my buying into 3 trips or less before the sale week ends.

So Thursday's trip was all about the food and drink mostly....

** 2 x No Nonsense Socks 3 packs on sale BOGO50%.....*This rang up strangely.  Instead of $5.29 reg. price for 1st and $2.64 50%off for the 2nd, the 1st set rang up with my 20% off Wellness discount at $4.23 and the 2nd set rang up 50%off at $2.64.....for a total of $6.87 and I received a $5 +Up Reward making 6 prs. of socks cost $1.87.  Not a bad price for 6 pr. of socks!  Ssshhh....don't tell, these are going into Xmas stockings....

** 10 x Gatorade on sale $1=$10.00  *I was suppose to get 2 x $3 +Ups--1 $3 for spending $10 on select drinks for this week and 1 $3 for spending $10 on select drinks under a Monthly +Up Deal.  But you will see that I bought 2 of the dreaded BLUE Gatorade, that have been reported to not trigger either the weekly +Up deal or the monthly +Up deal, I can't remember which.  I did go back Friday morning and returned and then rebought 2 non-blue Gatorades to get the 2nd $3 +Up Reward to print.  So now I spent $10 and got $6 +Ups back, making the drinks cost me .40 each.  Pretty good for something I have to buy for marching Band anyway. ;-)

** 2 x Stride gum packs on sale $1=$2.00  *I used an IPQ BOGO Free Stride, paid $1 for both and got a $1 +Up Reward back, so this was free after +Ups.

** 2 x Chips Ahoy! on sale $3(must buy 2)=$6.00  * I used 2 x $1/1 IPQ Nabisco Cookies Facebook Qs from the beginning of the month and paid $4.00 for both and got a $2 +Up Reward so $2 for both packages after +Ups.

**  4 x Nabisco Crackers on sale 2/$5=$10.00  * I used a B2G1Free IPQ and a $1/2 IPQ.  I forgot to also use my .75¢/1 AdPerk Ritz Q...argh.  I "should" have paid $5.75 and gotten 2 x $1 +Ups back for a total spent of $3.75 for 4 boxes.  But I'll have to settle for $4.50 after +Ups.  Still not bad for 4 boxes.
And I would have only bought 3 boxes but it was one of those MUST BUY in multiples of 2 to get the sale price.  ick.

**  2 x ProGlide Razors on sale for $9.99, but with 20% Wellness discount they were $9.03=$18.06.
I used 1 x $4/1 ManuQ Proglide and 1 x $5/1 ManuQ Proglide=$9.00 off and paid $9.06.  I received back 2 x $4 Gillette +Up Rewards for a total spent of $1.06 for 2 razors.

**  2 x Lysol Cleaners on sale $2.79=$5.58.  I used 1 x $2/2 Lysol Cleaners ManuQ and 1 x $3/2 AdPerks Lysol Cleaners Q for a total spent of $1.58.  I then received back 2 x $1 +Up Rewards(1 for each bottle), making this a $.42 moneymaker.
**  1 x Lysol Wipes with 20% Wellness discount=$3.19.  I will submit for the FREE Lysol Wipes rebate(Buy 3 Lysol products-1 of which has to be the Wipes-and get up to $3.00 back.)  So after rebate all 3 products will still be a .23¢ moneymaker.

**  6 x Flora Incense at $1.19(with 20% Wellness discount)=$7.14
I received back 3 x $3 +Ups, 1 for every 2 packages of incense I bought.  $7.14-$9 +Ups==$1.86 moneymaker.  Another Ssshhhh, don't tell, it's a Xmas stocking stuffer. ;-)

In the end I spent OOP $38.65 including tax, after also using my $12 in paper +Ups I had left.
I got back $35 in +Up Rewards and I'll be getting $3 in cash rebates too.

If I had more days left to break this into more and smaller transactions, I could have covered most of the cash spent OOP and not had to fork over so much green stuff.
Oh well....
I still got good deals and I'll be going back later today for more stuff I didn't get garbage bags, tampons, candy corn, more incense, more Gatorade.
A little more Rite-Aid pillaging to come--stay tuned!  I went back this afternoon and rolled yesterdays's +Ups.

September Grand Totals so far.....

Out Of Pocket....$38.65  cash
Value of items bought....$124.27
Savings Rate of  68.90%
Single Check Rebate due....$0.00
Other Rebates due......$3.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... $35.65
Savings Rate  71.32%

+Ups at beginning of month...$18+
+Ups used....$18+
+Ups received...$41+
+Ups currently...$41+ ($6 on my card, $35 on paper)



  1. Yay! You're car is back!!! So... did the folks at the Rite Aide recognize you on your subsequent trips?

  2. I can't believe RA pried money from your tight Hey it was a good deal for you, anyway.

    Shopping at RA for more than five minutes is too painful for my back, but one day....


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