Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Midweek Rantness.......The Word of the Day

And yes, I do believe RANTNESS should be a word......
No matter what the "red squiggly lines" under it in my spellcheck program say.
It's a darn good word and appropriate for this post.

* I am still grounded at home.  The part STILL has not come in from the car company.  I have my suspicions....ever the conspiracy theorist here!.....that since I am having the repair done at a NON-CAR DEALER shop that the CAR COMPANY is in no freaking hurry to ship the part out.  Had an authorized "this brand of car" shop ordered the part?
Yah, that baby would have been hand delivered and installed last week already.
So because I refuse to put more money into the hands of "BIG CARMA" (aka big car manufacturers)by having them overcharge me for repair labor, I still sit at home.

I have important places to go and people to see dang it! the grocery store and Rite-Aid.
This makes me figgity as a bubble dancer with a slow leak!

Yes, I subscribe to the Foghorn Leghorn school of insults......

* I have decided that being Grumpy is good for my bottom line.
And here is why.
I go to a particular gas station when my vehicle needs refilling.  It's one of 2 in my town in close proximity to the other and it's easiest to access, as it is at a traffic light.
The problem I have with this gas station is that they never EVER refill the pumps with receipt paper so that even if you push "YES" when the screen asks you if you want a receipt to print, at the end of the transaction, a receipt never prints out.....because......there is no paper in the machine!

So back a couple of weeks ago, before I lost the use of my car, I was at said gas station, filling up my tank.
As always I pushed YES for the print receipt? question, and yet again, no receipt printed out when I hung up the nozzle.
I got back into my car and instead of driving off straightaway, I sat and fumed and fussed at no one in particular.  I was just so exasperated by it all I had to sit and vent.
And while I was ranting, I was looking around out the windshield and I saw this laying on the ground about 10 feet away from my car........


Nobody around to see if they lost this, so I picked old Andy up and tucked him into my pocket. 8-)

I had a thought initially to turn Andy into the clerk inside the minimart in case someone called about losing some money.
But then I thought that even if someone called looking for lost money, the clerk would probably just say no, keep the money and not turn it over the the manager or the owner.....and if he did, they would keep the money.

So now I have this problem....what to do with the 20 bucks.
I could give it to charity.
I could spend it on my family's needs.
I could spend it on myself.

So if you were me, what would you do?

And be honest.....if you would spend it on yourself don't be afraid to say so.
This is the anonymous internet so everyone who thinks they are morally superior to you can think you are a jerk but you don't have to care. ;-)
We all aren't cut out to be Mother Teresa, are we?
Some of us have to be Foghorn Leghorn.



  1. I think with it being such a nominal amount, I'd probably put it in my wallet where it will get spent on something. I'd just chalk it up to a bit of good luck coming back my way - I'm sure sometime in my life I've lost a $20 bill:) If it was more money I'd probably rethink what to do about it.

  2. LOL! I think the answer is simple... I'd take a taxi to the Rite Aid...

  3. I was going to ask if the photograph was taken right there when/where you saw the money...LOL... but I can see that you brought Andy home safely to take the picture.

    I'd just put it into the budget so that it would be used on the typical things like groceries. I already don't spend any or much on myself, and whenever I raise money in any way, I put it into the general budget. I guess I'm a little too serious, maybe. I want to be out of debt more than I want any items I can think of, and especially since I'd think of the money as being gleaned as the result of someone else's pain (that I wouldn't be able to do anything about - I agree with you that in cases like these, cash doesn't get returned to the owner very often once you turn it over to someone else) I'd want to use it for something routine.

  4. Well, since you asked us to be honest, I would most likely keep it and add it to whatever disposable fund I had (either for myself or household, which ends up being the same!). What are the chances that if you lost $20 after a day of chores and being everywhere, that you'd be able to pinpoint where the money may have fallen off? I'll be with Kim on this one. I've returned amounts of $50 and $150 I've found while I was in college (owners were found by librarians), as well as 5 cellphones and 2 bags of groceries. But $20... meh.

  5. Honestly, I probably would have done something nice for me. Maybe get my toes done. Ahhhhhh, what a nice thought.

  6. Keep it. After all, it was not in a bank bag, part of $5000! Who can id their $20 bill. That would be like me trying to find the owner of the quarters I found last week. Money on the ground, unless large amounts in an identifiable package is free for the keeping unless you hear of someone looking for just that amount.

    $20 is a lot of money for me to lose.

    I go to car repair shops that can get the right factory car part for my car by the next day. Why can't your repair guy do the same? Sounds fishy to me. Did he actually order it? I would think the car repair guy had a history of not paying for ordered car parts and had to figure out how to get it.

  7. You can go inside to get a receipt. If there is never paper, I would imagine they are saving money by not supplying paper for receipts. Complain to corporate.

  8. Well as for me I would buy chocolate, a nice cup of tea and a book....but um thats just me

    lol Hugs and hugs


  9. OMG, same thing happened to me but I found 70 bucks blowing on the ground outside a CVS store - 3 Jacksons & 2 Lincolns(outside a mini mall) - and not a sole in site!!! I scarfed it up, looked around. Sluggy, I literally sat in my car for over 5 minutes...waiting. NOTHING. Left $70 richer -

  10. I learned my lesson long ago that if it is identifiable in any way (writing on the bills, inside a wallet even if there is no idea, pinned together with a paper clip, etc.), then I turn it in wherever I found it. Otherwise karma comes back and bites me in the ass; sometimes immediately. If I turn it in and the store clerk or manager keeps it, that's their karmic debt, not mine.

    On the other hand, if there's no way to identify it, I keep it, figuring it balances out the cash I know I've lost in the past. I don't think I would spend it strictly on myself, but would put it toward a family dinner out or something like that.

    Larger amounts of money would cause me to take different steps. Calling the police, perhaps.


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