Friday, September 28, 2012

Today's Theme Is......

Since we were on the topic.....We were?!?!......I must update you on this globe crisis.
Is it global warming?
Is it extremist radical religious fanatics?


Take a look....HERE.

And then go check this out......

Sometimes I think I live under a rock.
I had no clue about this group of folks and the "Culinary Magic" they pull off online.
I showed it to my teens and they rolled their eyes and said, "Yah MOM....we've seen it like, a hundred times!  Geez.....*insert eye rolls*......"

Anyway, go have a look at these crazy Canadians and smile....or laugh out loud like I did and have a Good Friday!



  1. My 15 yr old is a huge fan of these guys. I frequently get "mom, you gotta see this!!"
    Makes me queasy!! Lol!

    1. Yah, makes me queasy, but that Fast Food Lasagna? I hate to say it but I would so eat that!
      I'd hate myself and be sick for a month afterwards, but I'd eat it. lol

  2. The bacon shortage is old news. Plus, it was debunked yesterday--no shortage. I figured the high cost would limit who wuld buy bacon, so there would be plenty for those who will afford it.

    The video--never seen those guys. And, it is disgusting. I wonder if those guys are still alive or well.

    1. I was just trying to tie in the bacon theme here on the post.....the Honey Boo-Boo piglet, the bacon shortage and those online video bacon guys.

      Either those mealtime guys eat nothing but veggies when they aren't "creating" food pieces(highly unlikely)or they will die fat and happy of heart
      At any rate, I am glad I am not their

  3. Oh noes! Save the bacon!

    1. I seriously don't want to live in a world without bacon.
      I could never be an Orthodox Jew. ;-)


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