Thursday, September 13, 2012

Almost Runway Time!

Rather late post today.....I've been out most of the day.
That means I got my car back...yay!

Had some Rite-Aid and some Weis shopping to do to catch up for the week.
And because I was such a good and productive gal today, I get to watch me some tv tonight!

Project Runway is coming up within the hour.
Of all the 'reality' type shows, this one is the one I don't get tired of and enjoy watching.
Because it's not just a group of weirdos fighting it out for a big cash prize like all the other 'reality' tv shows.
It's a group of weirdos with an actual skill.....and some even have talent. ;-)

Plus I get to watch Tim Gunn.  If you ever get the chance, pick up the book he wrote last year(or was it the year before?)in which he talks about his rules for life AND his own personal life.

And along with the fashion, the designers and Tim I get to see if Michael Kors comes up with another awesome Kors-ism.
He's had some funny stuff come out of his mouth over the years.

And it's easy to make up your own MK-ism.
Just think of 2 incongruent things......for example--An Amish girl and a $2 Venezuelan hooker, and then describe one of the designer's works using these things in a metaphor......"That evening gown looked like an Amish girl who had just gone off duty as a $2 Hooker on a Venezuelan street corner."

And then there are the simpler MK-isms like "that skirt looks like a baboons ass exploded on her".

Oh Micheal, you never fail to make me laugh!

Do you watch Project Runway?
Who do you like this season?


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