Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Letter to Anonymous Who Thinks I am Poisoning My Dogs

Dear Anonymous Reader and Wannabe Commentor,

Thank you for reading my blog first off.
I love readers!
And thanks a lot for attempting to leave not one but TWO comments on the blog.
Comments on a blog post from 2+ years ago.

Two Comments that basically asked me what is wrong with me as a human being and accused me of being stupid and for trying to intentionally poison my dogs.

Because I buy canned mass produced dog food and feed it to my pets in small quantities, along with some kibble and the 'people' food I also use to augment their diets.

       One of my poor unfortunate "victims".  Doesn't her expression just say I am a monster?

And thank you for providing me with a website address to check out, where I can purchase other mass produced kibble and wet food for my pets, that this website says is much better nutritionally than what I buy.
Tell me you profit from sales made by this website in any way, shape or form?
Or are you truly leading me onto the path of better pet nutrition for only altruistic reasons?

Is this part of a personal Crusade to make all pet owners who can't or don't or even won't spend ridiculous amounts of money on a pet feel badly?

Or do you just like to go around and tell everyone who doesn't spend $200 a month on ready-made pet foods, or doesn't want to/or can't spend all their time homemaking by-hand, food for their pets, that they are the scum of the earth?

Tell me........are you or have you ever been a member of PETA?
I bet you want to come here and liberate my dogs from my cruel and inhumane treatment right this minute, don't you?

If that would float your boat, feel free to come and get them!  And you can take over the vet bills, medications, grooming costs, the cleaning up after them costs,  as well as the food costs associated with them.

      Another mistreated animal in my care.  Somebody call the authorities!

Sorry I don't live up to your expectations as a pet owner.
But you see, I have these things called children too.
In the Family hierarchy here, spending money on the care and feeding of my children outranks that of my
The pets get adequate care, medical attention, fresh water, walks, sunshine, grooming and lots of belly rubs and ear scratches.
Oh and love too.
I think they have reconciled themselves to their awful fate so go find someone else to chastise and make feel badly.


Sluggy--the unfit dog mother


  1. In this day and age, anyone who provides a pet with a home and a loving family deserves praise not judgement. I don't know what post 'Anonymous' (and of course they are anonymous!)was commenting on but the fact they were so cowardly as you do it anonymously tells me they are more interested in manufacturing drama than improving the lives of pets. If they have so much knowledge and so many resources to share there are several hundred dogs and cats in each of our local shelters he/she is welcome to adopt. Perhaps Anonymous can lead by example and show us all the errors of our ways.

    1. Thanks for the validation here Harper's dad.
      May I add for Anonymous's edification that when the time comes to adopt a pet, we ONLY seek out shelters. Yes, I'm so parsimonious that I only buy 'used' adult pets....the ones who sometimes don't get the loving homes.

  2. Love this post! You can tell you take care of your animals. It doesn't take expensive dog food to show love to an animal. I'm sure the person who left the comment gets a kickback from the website.
    I am a new follower and just started a little while ago. Love your blog and getting your updates.

    1. Welcome to "Don't Read This" Kim! Feel free to leave a comment any old time.
      I'll go check your digs out later but I will say now, good luck with the new blog.
      And if you get trolls like my dog abuser one, don't let it get you down or stop you from writing.
      "THEY" happen so turn it around on them like I try to's more fun that way! ;-)

  3. Sluggy, you know how crazy I am about what I feed my dogs. My last dog died at 10.5 years. Even the best food in the world could not have saved her. I post a lot about what I do but I think it's poor form to criticize others -- or make predictions. Besides, IMO, exercise is way more important than food choice.

    1. Yes, Alex, I KNOW how you feel about the pet issue. ;-) While I don't take my dog mom status to the level that you do, we can respect each others ways of handling the care and feeding of critters.
      In the end, we both want what is best for them, is that not right? 8-)

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Seriously? A post from Two years ago??? and they got after you about it? Growing up, our outdoor dogs got scraps and leftover food from our table each day. They LOVED it and they were healthy. Nowadays, we only use the cheaper version of dog food from the store. My dogs are picky and don't like carrots...

    1. So I take it your human pets eat alot of carrots?lol
      Yah, another troll trying to drum up hits and sales on a website biz selling overpriced pet food.
      I about lost it a few years ago when the grocery store here installed a refrigerated case for pet food that had to be kept cold. Wow.....having to make room in my fridge for highly perishable(and $$) dog food? Don't hold your

  5. I posted on a UK blog about how to save my favorite hen, Fancy. I was castigated in a comment longer than this post. How dare I NOT take that hen to the vet? Do you take your children to the doctor when they are ill? This woman knew it was going to take $195 to have the vet see her. She knew I was in dire financial straits. Yet, she continued, comment after comment, telling what a piece of unfeeling dirt I was.

    My hen had died and I was just traumatized anyway. She had had a warm bath and a cuddle in a towel with a lullabye just before she died. So, this woman that I knew was wrong hurled enough insults that felt boulders hitting me that I felt hollow for days, so depressed at losing my favorite hen, seeing her death throes, and missing her that I could not function.

    I loved that hen, but she was still an animal that probably could not be saved even if I had the money!

    By the way, I am certain I know who wrote you. I have had a problem from someone in our (mine and your) past.

    1. There is always someone out there online who knows more than you/better than you and is perfectly willing to "share" that knowledge with you, even if you don't want/need their help.
      And usually that help is in the form of putting you down so they can feel superior to you.

      And I don't think it was who I think you are thinking it was. She had moved on from that yahoo groups years ago.

  6. They're cute as a button, I forgot to say.

    1. Ah, thanks for that. The Chihuahua is a demon, or should I just call her a bitch since she is female dog so it doesn't sound as

  7. Love ya, Sluggy! Dont pay much mind to Annon... if it took him/her 2 years to respond, it can't be of much importance!

    1. Yah, just a troll I think.
      Luckily I don't attract too many of them online.
      In real life, now THAT is another
      thanks, Tanner

  8. Don't let people leave anonymous comments. It makes your life easier.
    And if anyone should be called on its ME! Remember when we had to super glue our dog's nail. I'm a sinner.

    1. Ssssh, don't bring up your mistreatment of your doggy. They are probably reading this and they'll have to go over to your blog house and chastise you!

      This is just the reason I moderate comments, so I can catch trolls. But instead of deleting their posts I save them in my spam folder....I am a masochist! lol


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